Aug 092011
I can remember the day nurses and other hospital staff members either wore the traditional white nurse uniforms or blue scrubs. Today, that is far from the case.  In fact, I don’t think you see a hospital staff person who works directly with patients wearing anything other than scrubs – they have become that popular.
The design of scrubs has come a long way with patterns and colors; including the line of Blue Sky Scrubs, created by Shelby Marquardt, an anesthesiologist. Her line of scrubs comes in multiple colors with a signature design pocket on the tops and the bottoms.  Featuring styles made for women, men and children one has many options to choose from. In addition, should you be in need of custom scrubs, Blue Sky Scrubs has sizes to fit petite and tall individuals.
Scrubs aren’t the only things you will find by this company.  Blue Sky Scrubs offers accessories such as the Cotton Pixie Hats made for shorter and longer hairstyles.  There are scrub hats in designs for men and women.  There is also a line of Women’s Jackets, shirts for men and women as well as Lab Coats.

You can check out their entire line of scrubs and accessories at:

*This post brought to you by Blogsvertise on behalf of Blue Sky Scrubs.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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