Apr 102014

No-Bark Dog Collars

An Effective Training Tool For Your Pooch

Whether your four-legged friend has a noisy bark, an aggressive disposition, or an unsociable personality, a no-bark collar can be the perfect training tool when obedience training fails to address the underlying insecurities with your pet.

Behavior modification can be challenging for both the dog and the owner. No-bark collars are designed to be interactive learning tools for your dog. You can customize the training program based on the individual needs of your dog and the progression made. No-bark collars utilize electronic stimulation, similar to the vibration offered from a traditional pager or cell phone, to alert your dog of bad behavior and shock/zap the dog lightly if the warning vibration is not heeded.

When selecting bark collars for your dog, you want to invest in the best and safest units and brands. Dogtra is an example of an excellent company that makes training collars for small, medium and large breeds of dog. All Dogtra models are made from durable stainless steel and offer custom fitting settings, customizable programs and constant stimulation modes to ensure a healthy relationship between you and your dog.

When obedience training, alternative discipline methods, and crate training fail to work, the use of no-bark collars often produce positive behavioral changes in as few as a couple of days; these positive changes enhance the owner/pet relationship and strengthen the bond instantly. You will have more confidence hosting parties and taking your dog for a walk on the trail when your pet undergoes no-bark training.

Have you ever experienced using bark collars?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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