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Artificial sweeteners – could they be making you sick? Seriously!!!

Could they be the reason for your muscle aches?  Fibromyalgia?  Memory loss? Nausea? Vomiting? Headaches?  Let me tell you about a 7-yr. journey that I lived a few years ago that I wish I never had.

It all started when I became pregnant for my daughter.  I immediately came down with morning sickness that lasted my entire pregnancy.  To combat the morning sickness I was told to take ginger.  When that didn’t work, several other prescription meds were prescribed at different times throughout the pregnancy. Not one of them worked.  For nine months my trash barrel was my best friend.  I couldn’t wait to get that baby out of me so the nausea and vomiting would go away.

That day finally came.  My daughter arrived and I was never so elated – not because I had given birth to this beautiful healthy baby girl but because the nausea and vomiting would finally be gone.  That thinking turned out to be only wishful thinking.  I was still nauseated day after day…week after week…month after month with an occasional day of relief.  I was still vomiting – but not as often as I did when I was pregnant.

For the next six years I suffered with nausea.  I was in and out of the doctor’s office.  I had my stomach meds changed several times.  I had a gastroscopy, which showed nothing.  One doctor did an ultrasound and told me it was my gall bladder causing the grief and it was removed.  Not one of these procedures cured my ailments.  I was still very miserable.  I was beside myself…why was I so sick? I kept asking myself – why can’t the doctors find a cure?  It came to the point where I was determined to find the cure myself except I didn’t have a whole lot to work with.

All I had to work with was what I knew aggravated the nausea beyond belief – my beloved diet Pepsi, coffee, and tea.  Each time I tried to drink one of these beverages – I couldn’t get passed a few sips. Then one day while grocery shopping, I decided to try a new soda that came out on the market with 1/2 the sugar.  My thought was 1/2 the sugar is better than full sugar.  It surely wasn’t my diet Pepsi, so I wasn’t all that eager to try it after getting it home, and it just sat there for quite some time.

Then the day came when my daughter was graduating from kindergarten.  I actually felt fairly well that morning – something that happened on occasion. Great I thought to myself let’s see if I can sustain this feeling for the day.  Maybe, just maybe, I would be able to enjoy her graduation.  I did, but I did not sustain feeling well for the entire day.

We left the graduation and went home.  It wasn’t until after I had been home a 1/2 hour and I started feeling ill again.  Why?  I didn’t understand – I was just fine a few minutes ago.  So I decided to backtrack my day up until then.  I began to think about what I had eaten so far that day.  I had a half can of that new cola before heading to the graduation.  At the graduation, I had a bite – just one bite – of a brownie.  I then went home, opened another can of that same soda, and drank half of that. That’s all I had so far – nothing more nothing less.

Thinking about this carefully – the only thing that remotely related to what I already knew aggravated the nausea was the new soda.  I began to think – what does that new cola have in it that the diet Pepsi had in it?  What do they have in common, if anything?  To the can I headed.  I read the ingredients on the can – it contained an artificial sweetener.  My mind started working – the coffee and tea I loved – I always added Sweet ‘n Low – an artificial sweetener to it, the diet Pepsi contained an artificial sweetener.  Now what?  Where do I take this information?

On the Internet I went.  I searched, searched, and read article after article I could find on artificial sweeteners. I learned the following about artificial sweeteners.  Many of them contain aspartame. Aspartame contains phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol (wood alcohol).  Well…you know that methanol? That is a poison. Aspartame contains 10% methanol. Methanol enters the small intestine and is absorb by the body. From there, the methanol is metabolized to form formaldehyde (use to embalm bodies) and to formic acid (found in the sting of red ants). The EPA states one should limit 7.8 grams per day in a person’s diet – they consider that safe.

Shockingly, an 8oz. serving of diet soda contains 14 mgs.!  And how many cans of diet soda a DAY had I been drinking over the years – like many, many years? WAY too many. There were days when I would have 5 or 6 cans, some days even more.  This isn’t including all the coffee I drank too.  Considering this poison builds up slowly in one’s body, I was literally being poisoned from the consumption of the soda I drank, right along with any other food products containing artificial sweeteners containing aspartame.  In addition, the phenylalanine levels in my body were more than likely much higher than they should be from the combined meds I was taking and the choice of beverage consumption over the years – thus building up and causing nausea as well.  This is because phenylalanine is added to diet soda and certain medications.

You ask why was the onset of my issues when I became pregnant?  That’s because I must have been one of those pregnant women showing similar symptoms of the disorder described below:

“A (rare) “variant form” of phenylketonuria called hyperphenylalaninemia is caused by the inability to synthesize a coenzyme called biopterin, which can be supplemented. Pregnant women with hyperphenylalaninemia may show similar symptoms of the disorder (high levels of phenylalanine in blood) but these indicators will usually disappear at the end of gestation.” (quoted from wikipedia…very simple detailed definition)

Sadly, my symptoms did not go away at the end of gestation which suggested to me – the levels of phenylalanine in my blood had to have been pretty high for them to continue on and torture me.

Though, through all my research, one article suggested to lay off ALL products containing artificial sweeteners for one month to see if there was any change.  At this point I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.  Despite how much I loved these beverages and the foods I thought were saving me calories, I had to give them up to see if I’d see a change, because I wanted no more than to feel well again.  And GUESS WHAT??

Come the forth week of staying away from all food and drink products containing artificial sweeteners – the nausea was GONE – completely gone.  My daughter will be 15 in a few months and I’ve been nausea free since she was 6.5 yrs old.  I no longer ingest anything that contains any type of artificial sweetener.  NO sucralose, no NutraSweet, no Splenda, no Sweet ‘n Low, no saccharin – not a taste of anything with any kind of artificial sweetener in them…nada!

Artificial Sweeteners Seizure Causing You Say?  Absolutely!

Another lesson learned about artificial sweeteners – my son has a seizure disorder caused from a brain hemorrhage. I had started sending Crystal Light with him for lunch when he started adult services. I was receiving incident reports sent home with him day after day saying he had a seizure. I thought the direct support employees didn’t have a clue what they were talking about because I hadn’t seen a seizure for years. Come to find out, the seizures were real and were from him consuming the Crystal Light. After a discussion with his neurologist, I learned that anyone with a seizure disorder should not ingest any artificial sweetener other than sucralose. Guess what? Sucralose isn’t happening either. NO artificial nothing for my kids, knowing what I know now, and what we’ve been through.

If you suffer from ailments like headaches, dizziness, depression, vomiting or nausea, abdominal pain, seizures, vision changes, Fibromyalgia, joint pain, anxiety, or any other unexplained ailment that you can’t seem to get relief from, I highly suggest you looking at your artificial sweetener consumption.  One great article to read regarding health effects of artificial sweeteners can be found at medicinenet.com.

If you’re a soda drinker – you may find this article worth reading: Medical Monday – Soda – Cancer Causing? Facts That Might Make You Cringe!

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  1. Thanks for the post. Sorry it took so long for you to suffer then figure it out.

  2. Many years ago I suffered from debilitating migraines. I had read a similar article like your blog and decided to stop the diet soda I was consuming. Poof – no more migraines ever! We are slowly poisoning ourselves unless we get smart and listen to people like you. Thanks.

    • I’m thrilled to hear your migraines are gone! You’re a wise woman to think out of the box and listen to other’s experiences πŸ™‚

  3. Thankfully I haven’t experienced any significant adverse side effects from artificial sweeteners. In the past I used to rely on them heavily while dieting (Propel or Crystal Light – mostly the cheaper generic stuff, or the occasional diet soda).

    I truly was addicted to regular coke for YEARS. In order to try and wean myself off soda I would switch to diet soda. Personally, I hate the way diet soda tastes (especially the aftertaste) – so I would end up going back to the regular, high fructose corn syrup laden stuff.

    A couple months ago I made the decision to get my health back in order (I had gained an exorbitant amount of weight – I started having back problems again, etc…) I thought about switching over to diet soda again – but I had an epiphany… ARTIFICIAL stuff isn’t healthy, period! Granted, there are some “naturally occurring” substances which aren’t good for us either – but there was no doubt in my mind that all the artificial crap had to go – starting with artificial sweeteners.

    I used to abhor drinking water. Seriously, the only way I would drink it was if it was flavored with the Crystal Light (generic) stuff. Nevertheless I sucked it up, put my big girl panties on and said goodbye to ALL soda, as well as the flavored water junk. Now I drink 6-9 cups of water a day (it was a bit rough at first but now it’s not a problem at all).

    I’ve lost 26+ pounds and I haven’t had a headache in months! While I have put it a lot of hard work (clean eating with portion control as well as exercise 5+ days a week) I know giving up the artificial sweeteners has made a difference too!

    I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well after all this time!

    • Serena – You’re going to be my inspiration! I now drink Coke – way too much of that so-bad-for you stuff. I have fought with myself on getting off that and moving to anything but – coffee, tea, water etc. I, too, have piled on a lot of weight since making the switch from diet to regular soda. So after reading what you wrote – I thank you. You’re so right – it’s all bad for us and we need to take care of ourselves because no one else is gonna do it for us. Thanks for leaving me your story :).

    • I have also changed to drinking water…not as much as I would like because of bladder problems but when I get tired of water I squeeze a lemon into it just for a different flavor….it helps. We have to get healthy again and all this artificial stuff is just not good for us. Be well.

  4. I have had problems with artificial sweeters for about 14 years. They give me migraine type headaches. Most people think I’m crazy. But I have met two other people who have the same problem as me. So glad you figured out the problem.

    • Amber – you’re not crazy! These sweeteners are the culprit for many health issues. It’s too bad others aren’t willing to look at the whole picture :(.

  5. I partially agree with any of you. As these sweeteners in high doses might cause you to be suseptible to seizures and other medical problems. What is really killing us is the added sugar—-real sugar. Honey is better for you and I use Stevia in the raw now. Cutting down on Sugar is a big help and lowers your blood sugar. As my side of the family is heavy I do take in Stevia. I also have to add another Side effect of S and E is that you get constipated. When fecal matter stops up you than get sick and bloated, don’t feel good that could cause more problems. So Stick with Stevia or take your chances with regular sugar and diabeties. Just do what you want.

  6. Thank you for your post. I loved reading it (although i’m sorry for your anguish)
    I had to write because for the last 2 years I have suffered just like you have. It all began when I started dieting and jogging to lose weight. One morning I got up to run as usual and while out I had an incredible pain in my lower abdomen followed a sudden urge to GO!!! I had to crouch in the bushes πŸ™ This problem became more regular. I read some stuff on the internet and found that jogging can sometimes cause this…so I stopped. The symptoms eased a little but didn’t go away. Although it only happened in the mornings, I lived with this condition on and off for nearly 2 years and my quality of life was ruined. I could never be far from a toilet. I didn’t dare walk too far in case I had a sudden bout.
    Then, about 2 months ago I began to get nauseous, my joints ached, I was getting headaches, my diarrhea was getting more frequent and never letting up. I knew there was something seriously wrong and trawled the internet. Everything from lactose intolerance to gluten intolerance, histamine intolerance, cancers, you name it I read all about it. After cutting out certain food types I never got any healthier. My diet was good. Lot’s of organic vegetables, meats, fruits…just the odd chocolate fix at the weekend.

    When I was ready to accept my fate of being permanently sick I stumbled across an article about the side effects of artificial sweeteners. Just about every side effect listed was exactly what I was going through. Then it all fell into place. When I began my diet 2 years ago I had switched to low fat foods, diet drinks, sweeteners in my tea and coffee and I had also started chewing sugar free gum instead of regular mints. Some of this stuff I had been consuming for years with no ill effects but once the diet started I must have begun an overload that my body just couldn’t handle….and i was getting sicker and sicker.

    I have only been avoiding anything and everything with artificial sweeteners for the last 2 weeks but even from day one I began to feel better. My diarrhea has almost cleared up completely, the abdominal pains have gone, my headaches have gone, my joints are easing and my energy levels are increasing every day. I now use unrefined cane sugar in my drinks and only one spoon because I can’t drink it without and the rest of the time I drink water, not that soda crap.

    Thank god I figured out that artificial sweeteners were poisoning me. I have no idea if it only happenes to more sensitive people, I was always very healthy and rarely ever got sick before I started using them but I will never touch the stuff again, that’s for sure!

    • Oh Jon! I am so glad you were able to figure out the problem before you suffered any longer. Unfortunately, I hadn’t a computer when I became ill or I would have been searching the net – so the doctors were just doing what they thought would make the symptoms go away, and I didn’t know any better. One doctor referred to me as having a food intolerance after I told them how I figured out what was causing my ailments – no, sorry! I was deathly ill!

      I’m with you on never putting a drop of ANY kind of artificial sweetener in my mouth. I think this happens to people who have either built up their PKU level over the years through ingesting artificial sweeteners, or naturally have higher PKU levels, but not high enough to say they have the inherited disorder, phenylketonuria. For me, I think I had built up the PKU level (I’d been ingesting diet sodas and foods since I was a child b/c that is what my mom bought), became pregnant, in which the PKU level will increase during pregnancy, and the whole deal just escalated to a point where there was no turning back. You’ll have to come back and let me know how you’re feeling in a month πŸ™‚

      Thank you for leaving me your story…I think it’s the only way for people to become informed by hearing it from real people who have experienced issues and KNOW that artificial sweeteners were the culprit.

  7. And metabolic disorder

  8. Wow – I am a diabetic and have been using Equal/Splenda for many years. I am going to discuss this with my family that also uses the artificial sweeterners. Thank you for sharing this post. It is enlightning.

  9. I know they make me sick… But thats because the aftertaste is UNBARABLE

  10. I cannot eat any artificial sweeteners including stevia. They all make me immediately throw up. I am also having the same issue with shellfish. No idea if these are related but i have to be very careful of what i eat.

    • Yes Emily, I would say you would have to be careful of what you eat. Don’t forget to check medications/vitamins for ingredients too. For instance, Calcitrate plus D – has shellfish in it as do many other supplements.

  11. I try to avoid all artificial sweeteners.

  12. this was very interesting too me i have some of these issues and use splenda i am gonna talk to my dr about this and see what they think ty for bringing this to our attention

  13. Artificial anything is BAD! So many people have suffered just like you from artificial sweetners, I’m glad you figured it out and got rid of the problem. I try to stay away from ANYTHING artificial for the same reasons but this day and time just about everything available has something artificial in it.

  14. I think most of them are bad for you.

  15. Oh my…this is some heavy reading, but fantastic information! Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  16. Diet Pepsi was my friend too, until they started using nutrisweet in it. I had only drank them for about a week when I came down with the worst migraine of my life. I was in college and after 24 hours my roommate took me to the ER. They told me it was a common side effect of the new sweetners. Needless to say I no longer use them in anything! Once I was at a restaurant and they accidently gave me a diet cola instead of the regular and I got an instant migraine. Artificial sweeteners do more harm than regular sugar, I may be a little overweight but I would rather that than the side effects!

  17. I never use anything that has any of those aspartames or any other artificial brand name sweetner. I will use Stevia and regular sugar.

  18. I’m sorry it took so long to figure out what was going on. Giving up artificial sweetners is really something I should work on as well since I have many health issues. Thanks for sharing with us!

  19. I don’t use these sweeteners to know if they make you sick. But if they are saying they are then I wont be using them. Thx for the great info on this.

  20. wow ! thanks for sharing this with us. I know I have a sister who has issues and problems with her stomach, her dr said she was addicted to cola soda and that she needed to stop drinking it, but when she doesn’t drink it she is in terrible pain, and even sometimes gets a bit depressed… its amazing what sugar itself in any form can do to the body..

  21. Wow, my mom drinks the sweeteners in her coffee and diet sodas like you said you did. She does get some headaches, she claims from sinus issues but….maybe not

  22. So much information…thanks to you all

  23. Wow, so glad I do not use them.

  24. We should all be eating raw! Our bodies are made for that.

  25. I think we should enjoy natural food. We add too much already.

  26. I tend to stay away from artificial sweeteners just because of all the horror stories. Not only that but Im not crazy about the taste.

  27. i totally think they will make you sick. there is a joke in our family that eating anything with aspertaine and artificial sweetener will make you grow a third eye. i would never consume anything that i know has those kind of ingredients in it

  28. My parents never allowed me to have artificial sweeteners growing up. Now, I have a diet coke once in a while, but I think I am better off with real sugar most of the time!

  29. thank you for the info might explain a bit to me.

  30. I try to stay away from artificial sweeteners myself, after reading an article a few years back changed me from diet soda to regular soda and a lot more water.

  31. I drink lots of diet pepsi and I have for years. I recently have been noticing a lot of joint pair. I wonder if artificial sweeteners are the cause of it. I”m going to try and lower my intake of diet pepsi to if it helps relieve the joint pain.

  32. thank you for the post

  33. Yeah artificial sweetness are the worst! Natural sugars are better for you.

  34. I am VERY against artificial sweeteners! They are so bad for you. All you are doing is ingesting chemicals. I refuse to have them in my house. Also my daughter has Epilepsy and is not allowed artificial sweeteners. They cause migraines and diarrhea. YUK

  35. My husband has sugar and its hard at times for him to stay on the stright and narrow.

  36. Awesome and informative post! Thanks for sharing. I have never been a fan of these sweeteners and never drink diet soda…. but how scary! You really have to look at everything that you consume these days!

  37. I have believed for years that artificial sweetener are not good for us.

  38. Scary! I avoid artificial sweeteners, especially for my kidlets.

  39. I have used them but I read about this so I started using natural sugar instead. Artificial sweeteners are so bad.

  40. I’m glad you’re doing better now. I’ve sworn off artificial sweeteners for years. I used to drink a lot of diet 7 Up when I was a teenager but thankfully never had any adverse reactions. Cutting that crap out was just a conscious decision I made as I grew up and learned more about the issue. Definitely stuff to stay away from!

  41. Just read this and found it really eye-opening. Who knew.

  42. Sorry you went through so much sickness! I eliminated artificial sweeteners a few years ago.

  43. WOW, I couldn’t imagine getting sick every day for that many years and all because of the artificial sugar :/

  44. I’m really wondering if this has been affecting more than 2 other people I know. Thanks for this article!

    • You’re welcome!

    • Oh my gosh nausea is the WORST i definately suffered with it very badly and still do at diffrent points in my life i recently had a misscarriage at 5 months gestation and was violently nausious the entire time my mothers a medical doctor so i understand all the various tests and meds that never work the only thing that ever works for me ia cinnamon wheather it be in cereal or baked into goods and also chocolate milk great article

  45. Thanks so much for sharing. I do believe at least 2 people I know are being affected.

  46. Thank you for this information. I have been using Splenda since it came out. Now I’m rethinking that choice. Thought it was a natural substitute.

  47. In recent years I have started trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners, I am beginning to learn that anything artificial as well as processed foods are poison.

  48. I am so glad your finally figured it out. Sorry to hear it took so long to do so. i know artificial sweeteners are bad for you. I too love my diet sodas and drink a least one or two a day and sometimes more. Sometimes i feel awful aftterwards and i know it’s because of the soda. I have cut back a whole lot and hopefully i can get to the point where i can finally say no more soda for me. Just the other day i had a pounding headache that lasted all day. I know it may sound weird but i have passed out drinking soda before. I have GURD and when i drink the soda too fast the carbonation just builds up and and i get dizzy. I mentioned it to my doctor before and he just looked at me like i had said something so unheard of but i know the soda caused me to pass out.

    • You know what Kelly – I so believe you. Just because a doctor hasn’t heard of it before doesn’t mean what you’re experiencing doesn’t exist. You certainly know your body better than they do – not to mention that they aren’t a God.

  49. I also meant to say on my post Thanks -you for sharing this.

  50. i used to have artificial sweetnears before and now have stopped completely as i had a problem with them and now i use very less sugar as that helps me control my diet and i like it that way.

  51. When Equal first came out, my mom and I were in a restaurant and she tried it in her tea. We wound up in the ER because she had a severe reaction to it and stopped breathing!!

  52. I definitely don’t trust aspartame. I have horrible headaches, and currently I’m seeing if cutting out aspartame and other things in my diet will help. It seems like it is so far!

  53. I so agree I’ve suffered many ailments caused by artificial sweetners. Being diabetic it is hard to do without them but better to be safe than sorry!

  54. This is actually pretty scary to read. I consume way more diet soda than I should. While I haven’t had any ill side effects that I know of, this is enough to make me stop! I’ve been worried about the chemicals for awhile anyways.

  55. This is scary my grandfather is diabetic and all he uses is Slenda. I’m going to call my grandmother right now and have her talk to his doctor, he’s to stubborn to. Thanks you so much for this information.

  56. I use them all the time and haven’t had any issues.

    • I’m glad to hear your body is okay with consuming them. Please keep in the back of your mind though – should you become sick and not know what the issue is – to take a look into these being the cause. Like I said, I was perfectly fine until I became pregnant – which means at that time, I was 35 years old.

  57. I’ve often thought things that are unnatural are worse for you than the real thing. It’s better for have some sugar than something tasting of chemicals that touts zero calories. If it has no real energy, what is your body supposed to do with it?

  58. This is important information to get out to the general public. I can’t believe such a bad chemical for your body is allowed in so many foods. Both my mom and I have sensitivities to artificial sweeteners. My mom gets stomach pains and nausea, and I get dizzy and foggy-headed. I did NOT know that it is an actual poision! So horrible for people with sensitive systems, and I think that even if someone doesn’t notice immediate effects from consumption, there would still be long-term effects.
    I’m going to be more proactive about knowing exactly what is in the food I eat

  59. Glad you finally figured out what was making you ill. I found out about artificial ingredients when I went through fertility treatments. I began paying more attention to what I ate and drank. Now, I can not consume artificial sweeteners without getting really sick.

  60. i hear they can make you blind…just passing on the imfo..thanks

  61. I have never been able to drink or eat anything with Nutra Sweet it gives me a 3 day migraine! I am glad you discovered what was making you sick!

  62. My mom can’t drink anything with aspertame in it or else she gets a really bad headache. It’s a shame it took you so long to figure it out and that you had to suffer that long.

  63. Thank you for this excellent review on sweeteners.I think I learned a thing or two from you and I am glad that your migraines are gone.

  64. Wow…. that is scary!! Never knew something so SMALL can do a great deal of harm to one’s body!! That’s horrifying!

  65. Thankyou for writing such a good article. It really held my interest. I don’t drink any soda or use any artificial sweetners that I know of.. My husband on the other hand is a diabetic and uses splendid.. Thanks to you I now know to check our food for any kind of artificial sweetners in it.. This is very valuable information to have. Thankyou again… I am so Happy you are feeling much better now~

  66. I do not use artificial sweetners of any kind. Hubby uses them in his coffee but he was told to use them due to his diabetes. He has not had any issues so far and its been a lot of years.

  67. Getting the lapband has been a blessing in disguise. I can no longer drink anything that fizzes. I only drink water. I used to drink Dr Pepper like it was straight out of the fountain of youth and it didn’t matter if it was full sugar or diet. Now all I drink is water and it changed lots of things for me. No more caffeine which helped me sleep better. My skin cleared up….yes even in my 40s I was still getting pimples…fun. I try to tell everyone to get off of the sodas. As far as using artificial sweeteners….I don’t. Real sugar doesn’t have a great deal of calories if used wisely so really, why use those nasty artificial sweeteners when they harm you?!

  68. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Like one of your other commenters, artificial sweeteners triggered migraines in me. I’m not migraine free, but I have fewer since learning of the trigger.

  69. I always avoid them – I feel like man made sugar is something that shouldn’t be consumed.

  70. Some artificial sweeteners give me the jitters. I get nervous.

  71. I had to do a speech on artificial sweetners and the research I had to do was very eye opening. I am surprised that it has not been outlawed yet!


  73. Aspartame (and its cousin neotame) are dangerous–obviously some people have a much stronger reaction than others, but not really safe for anyone long-term. I did a college research paper on the dangers of aspartame and neotame years ago, so I am well aware of the shoddy science used to make the FDA declare it safe for human consumption.

    However, as a Type I diabetic (stupid endocrine genes from my dad’s side!), I do use sucralose (Splenda), as no one I’ve personally known has ever had a reaction to my sucralose-baked desserts, and monk fruit, which I prefer to stevia, in terms of natural-sweeteners. (Stevia leaves a nasty after-taste for anyone in my family.)

    • Toni – my son’s neurologist told me to use sucralose – I opted not to use any since he can’t speak to tell me if he’s feeling ill. Thanks for telling me about the after taste Stevia leaves – I wouldn’t think that would be the case. Needless to say – I’m done with them all – just done.

  74. Ive been a diabetic for 10 yrs and I always use sweet n low. Im not much of a soda drinker. I had cancer 3 yrs ago. I get headaches,stomach problems,and have a lot of health issues. Thank you so much for this post. No more sweeteners for me. I’ll just use a bit of sugar when I have coffee or tea.

    • I’m glad you found this helpful Sue. I have a BIL – he’s diabetic too. I wish he’d get with the program as his body is taking a tole from the diabetes alone. Then he has stomach issues on top of that. You’d think seeing me better after being so sick – he’d at least give a shot of laying off them.

  75. It amazes me how people trying to lose weight and get healthy are stupid enough to use artificial sweeteners. When drinking hot coffee or tea one spoonful of regular sugar has 15 calories. I’m mean really, someone is going to poison themselves for 15 calories.

    • I don’t think that it’s a matter of the calories – I think it’s more the fact that people are uneducated as to what these sweeteners do to the body. Had I not had the internet to turn to or the smarts to say – hey what’s in this soda that is in the diet Pepsi I was drinking – I may still be fighting with the medical issues or could be dead by now.

  76. I am thankful right about now that I tried them once but didn’t like the taste.

  77. I used Splenda for years, but now use the natural alternative – Ethyrol

  78. I truly will not use anything artificial as far as sweeteners go. They scare me!

  79. I can’t eat or drink anything with any type of artificial sweeteners because they make me sick to my stomach.

  80. Thanks for this info, I will not look at this the same way!

  81. I don’t seem to have any problems with the artificial sweeteners. My doctors has told me the caffeine in pop is one of the worst drugs out there for the body and I have to restrict my caffeine intake.

  82. THANK YOU for this post! my daughter suffers from migraines, I did research and found artificial sweeters can make migraines worse! I talked to her neuro and he said they DEF can. So now I only buy things naturally sweetened and her migraines are significantly reduced!

    • You’re very welcome. It’s funny how neurologists don’t speak of the common triggers of headaches – I’ve heard this time and time again. If something were said by our physicians in the beginning when we complain – then we’d have a starting point. That said, I’m so convinced that doctors, dentists, lawyers, judicial systems – are all money making schemes.

  83. i had no idea ‘artificial sweeteners’ could make someone so sick. i don’t drink pop or use artificial sweeteners, but so many in my family do. i will pass it on.

    • I didn’t either – who would have thought that something that the FDA passes as safe – would cause such grief. Please do pass it on. The world needs to know to look at their diet if all else fails.

  84. I never liked the taste so I stayed away from them. I finally quit sodas and now drink mostly water.

  85. My husband and I both drink several Diet Pepsi’s each day. I think it’s time to rethink that. I do have body aches a lot. Thank you for sharing your experience and findings.

  86. you think that something is safe but we really dont know

  87. I can’t get off aspertame because I am diet coke fanatic..I don’t drink coffee

  88. I thank you for your time in posting this, in hopes of helping others looking for answers. I know that there are others out there looking for reasons why their bodies just aren’t working the way they are supposed to, who are desperately seeking some kind of relief. Being a fibromyalgia sufferer along with a lot of other ailments, I understand the need to find answers. Although I do not use artificial sweeteners, I know a lot of people do in my support groups, and if you don’t mind, I’d love to share your page with them, in hopes that this might help one or more of them get relief.

  89. WOW, never knew about all of this, I will be talking to family members that live on this stuff. Thank you.

  90. I really try to stay completely away from artificial sweeteners, and have for some time. It’s tea and water for me! Thanks for spreading the word!

  91. I am willing to give up my diet cola and see if this makes me feel better

    • Belinda…please at least give it a try and then come back and share with us your findings. I’ll be anxiously awaiting to hear from you!

  92. I hate you had to go through that. When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter (who is 30 now) part of my plan at the Dr. was to see a nutritional specialist. She told me then that artificial sweetner was the worse thing you could ever use. It makes you wonder why it is even legal. She said then that it could even cause brain cells not to form properly.

    • I so wished I had known long before pregnancy. I, too, have no idea how they can make these legal. All I can come up with is it being like pharmaceutical meds – a money making scheme.

  93. What a horrible horrible thing you went through.Thank god you seen it through.Thank you for this informative review I am sharing it with all.

  94. This is something to truly think about. I’ve read many articles noting that too much of artificial sweetners isn’t a good thing. I used to drink a lot, and by alot I mean I would wake up with a diet soda in hand, and after reading some more about it, I weened myself off. Now, I either drink water or iced tea.

  95. I’ve had chronic pain for almost 2 years, wondering if it could be related to artificial sweeteners? I’m going to quit them and see what happens. Thanks for the article!

  96. So glad that you were able to figure out what was causing your issues. My husband use to drink Caffeine Free Diet soda. Thinking it would help curb his caffeine addiction. Unfortunately the other chemicals continued his addiction to soda. Thankfully he was able to finally overcome it.

  97. Had never heard about the seizures and artificial sweeteners. That is definitely SCARY! I’m glad that at least you figured it out.

  98. What an awful experience. After some point, when the doctors can’t come up with a cure, they treat you like it’s in your head. I’m glad that you finally found out what the trouble was. Hopefully, there will be no long term problems from this.

    • Lisa – they really do treat you like it’s in your head if they have no answers. It aggravates me to no end now, that they don’t like to list it as an allergy. God forbid I were to ever become where I were to become ill and couldn’t speak for myself. Another thing that irritates me is that my son is given his meds in yogurt. Recently he had a hospital stay and I had to bring in yogurt because the yogurt they have contains – artificial sweeteners!

  99. OMG! I have fibro and drink diet coke on a regular basis! I guess I better rethink my choice!

  100. So sorry this happened to you. It’s always better to go natural

  101. Wow, so glad I do not use them.

  102. Sorry to hear that you had to go thru such a process, but it’s good that you figured out what was causing the issues.

  103. I used to drink a 12 pack of diet soda every day. That went on for years. I had small bruises all over me and was sick all of the time. They ran tests and blood work. The Dr. couldn’t find out what was going on. Eventually, I got sick of soda and quit drinking it. I never made the connection, I may have been sick from the soda.

    • Lisa – do you now experience the bruises or did they disappeared once you stopped drinking the soda?

    • It took a little while, maybe a week or so, but no, I don’t bruise like that. I bruise easily but I’m not covered head to toe in small bruises. That was back in the 1980’s I believe.

  104. Wow I had no idea that artificial sweeteners could do all that. I use sweet n low everyday for my cup of coffee in the morning. I haven’t really noticed anything different in my health. Thanks for all of the information, I’m going to keep a close eye on this.

  105. Thank you for the information. This is not good. Glad that you are better.

  106. Artificial stuff is never good.

  107. Thanks so much for the Fabulous Review/Information on Artificial Sweeteners Poisoned Me – Could They Be Making You Sick? I know years ago that NutraSweet would give me the “runs” about 15 mins. after I consumed it! We would go to a local Pizza Hut about 10 mins. if that from my house and we’d get a pitcher of Pepsi. I could always tell if they mistakenly gave us Diet Pepsi! My stomach would start with the cramps and we had to fly home and I ran right to the bathroom! However, I’ve used the artificial sweeteners for years and years now. I stay away from the NutraSweet, however, I’ve been using the store brands of Equal, Splenda, and Sweet N’ Low for years now. Yes, I do suffer from a lot of those things you mentioned! I have fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and aches and pains every day! Now, my husband suffers from some of these as well and he NEVER touches anything diet! We were in a horrific auto accident years and years ago and I’ve had so many surgeries since then and the one I had my neck & back operated on and couldn’t do anything and was in a high backed collar all day every day for 4 months! They told me that my mussels were so traumatized that this is the reason for my fibromyalgia. I have not gotten sick and been “running to the bathroom” since I gave up the NutraSweet. I’m not physically ill either. I do have to admit though, I love my coffee, etc. sweet and I use an awful lot of those sweeteners in my coffee, etc. My family makes fun of me all the time and tell me to just use regular sugar since I constantly use a handful of sweeteners! Now, my eyes have a problem which we can’t figure out and I just figured that was due to the diabetes. After reading your information, I don’t know what to do! I don’t know whether to just use regular sugar and give up all the sweeteners, or what! Thanks so much for sharing this important information with all of us! I truly honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele πŸ™‚

    • Michele – personally if I were you – I’d give up the artificial sweeteners. Where you’re diabetic – I realize that is hard, but if you were to give it a trial run for a fair amount of time – 3 months or so – you may find yourself feeling so much better. I read every label now on beverages. I found that even some of the blended juices in the dairy cooler have a form of an artificial sweetener – even those sport drinks. There’s even some in those pouch drinks.

  108. Wow…sounds so scary. Sorry for all of the issues you have endured.

  109. Why are artificial sweetners still on the market? I hear more and more stories like this….they are terrible!

    • Emily – I don’t understand why they are either – I will never understand. I think that it’s important that one report their experiences to the FDA. That can be done online. If people don’t speak up – there will never be a change.

  110. I am glad the we don’t use the artificial sweeteners.

  111. It’s amazing, all of the things around make us sick. And, often times, it’s because of our actions as humans that these things even exist.

  112. i’m going to try to give up my diet colas

    • I wish you the best – it wasn’t all that hard for me, only because I wanted to feel well again. But for those who aren’t experiencing feeling so ill – I ‘get’ that it’s not that easy.

  113. I’ve been telling my friends and family of the dangers of artificial sweeteners, but you have explained it much better than I. Thank you for this informative article. I intend to share it.

    • You’re welcome Tammy. I can see where one would have a hard time explaining the dangers of the these sweeteners – the information goes deep. If I hadn’t lived with being so sick for so long – I would have never had thought to examine the intricates of this food additive.

  114. I would like to apologize to you for posting almost the same thing over and over again. Mom Does Reviews is having a giveaway and we have to comment on the same reviews every single day. I guess this will end when the contest does. I am truly sorry and I thank you so much for your kind patience!
    Thanks so very much for the Review/Information on Artificial Sweeteners Poisoned Me – Could They Be Making You Sick? Ever since I’ve read this I’ve been doing an awful lot of thinking about it! Ever since I got away from NutraSweet, I’ve been ok with my stomach and running to the bathroom. I haven’t had any other problems that I can think of with the other products I’ve been using! I hope that you are doing well now that you have gotten away from all the artificial sweeteners. My kids don’t want anything to do with Artificial Sweeteners and I never purchase a diet soda or drink for the house. Everything that I purchase to drink, eat, whatever all has regular sugar in it. Thanks so much for sharing your important information on Artificial Sweeteners Poisoned Me – Could They Be Making You Sick? with all of us! I honestly truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele πŸ™‚

  115. thanks this is so educational,

  116. Thanks so much for sharing your problems with artificial sweeteners! I stayed away from them today and had sugar in the raw in my coffee today. I purchased decaf iced tea today and gave up on the diet for now! I’ll be checking the labels from now on as well! Thanks so much for the important information which you shared with all of us! I do appreciate it very, very much! Hope you are feeling better than ever! Thanks again! Michele πŸ™‚

  117. I have been hearing about this for quite a while now. It is a real eye opener! Thank you for posting & glad you found the problem in time.

  118. I’m sure years ago people died at a younger age because of food allergies. We learn more and more, yet keep polluting the food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe. We’re a sad lot.

  119. It’s terrible that we have to get sick in order to find out what we’re sensitive to. I’ve switched to using natural products to clean because chemical fumes make me ill.

    • And just think – all the chemical cleaners if one doesn’t wear gloves when using them – the cleaner seeps into our bodies through our skin.

  120. Thanks so much for this article. I do suffer from fibromyalgia, and had hoped that giving up artificial sweeteners would be be enough to cure me. Unfortunately, the sweeteners were not the culprit. However, I do not think they are healthful and believe that they can be the underlying cause of many conditions, and I’m sure they don’t help.

    • Pam – at least you gave giving up the sweeteners a shot and now know that they weren’t the culprit of your discomfort. You certainly had everything to gain, had they been.

  121. Allergies stink. I’m allergic to dust, mold, pretty much year round I have something bugging me. I always have a supply of saline and tissues stocked.

  122. Thanks so much for sharing your problems with artificial sweeteners! I stayed away from them today and had sugar in the raw in my coffee today. I purchased decaf iced tea today and gave up on the diet for now! I’ll be checking the labels from now on as well! Thanks so much for the important information which you shared with all of us! I do appreciate it very, very much! Hope you are feeling better than ever! You know, I was artificial sweetener for about 4 days and yesterday, I had some artificial sweetener in some ice tea which I received when my parents took us out to dinner! You know, later on I just didn’t feel right! I didn’t feel “sick” per say, however, I just felt Blah! I told my husband about this and he said “maybe it is something in the artificial sweeteners”. Hrmmmm Maybe? Thanks so much! Michele πŸ™‚

  123. I do not use this kind of sugar but thanks for information my friend does use it

  124. I suspect many large companies market products well aware of the risks involved. Pure greed drives some. Sure, we all have to make a living, but at what cost?

  125. That’s funny, I had to throw out a pair of rubber cleaning gloves because the cleansers actually did burn a hole in them.

  126. My husband has always told me about staying away from Aspartame

  127. I do not consume anything with artificial sweeteners. I used to, and although many changes have been made to my lifestyle, many of my prior complaints have diminished. But, I have not gained any of the dreaded pounds I thought I would gain. No artificial sweeteners!

  128. From the day that we’re born, we’re dying. It’s the quality of life that we live is what counts. I don’t want to end up with cancer because of chemicals that are being used.

    • I hear you Lisa. And when you say it’s the quality of life that counts, you’re 100% right. My son has severe sleep apnea and the doctor was not happy when I made the choice to not trache him for it.I tried the bi-pap machine – with no success. I had his tonsils removed. The episodes dropped from nearly 100 per hour to about 50 per hour, from just the tonsil removal. Then the traching was brought up. For my son – that would have been a nightmare. He’s much too aggressive (he has spastic quadriplegia) and he would have been taking that tube out every chance he’d get. If he’d take the wires out of his mouth from when his jaw was broken – he’d take that tube out. What quality of life would that be? Ironically, he had an issue and I had stopped giving him his night-time dose of his asthma preventative med – his nights turned around, like almost immediately. It’s a crazy world we live in. Some things are for the best, others – are just not put to the test long enough.

  129. Natural is always best if you can find natural products, Too many people suffer from ailments that can be proven, nor dis-proven so they come up with names for it. Same goes with some of these mental problems too may be cured by finding the source of an allergy.

    • One of the biggest culprits of human related issues is from the herbicides used for crops. Without going into, what could be a huge article, Round-Up, contains a chemical that is sprayed on crops, that I am 110% sure was the cause of my brother in laws death. The chemical mimics pneumonia and heart issues if too much is absorbed within the body. Given his state of health – and the hospital not listening to the family – he was taken off life support long before he could be treated for the culprit causing the symptoms.

  130. I have never cared for the taste of artificial sweeteners, but I do have a friend who lives on Diet Pepsi and has been suffering migraines. I have heard similar stories, but your details are very helpful.

  131. Thanks so much for sharing your problems with artificial sweeteners! I stayed away from them now for several days and had still used sugar in the raw in my coffee! I ‘m still drinking the decaf iced tea and gave up on the diet for now! I’ll be checking the labels from now on as well! I really can’t say that I feel any different yet, but I’m giving it a go and we’ll see what happens! Thanks so much for the important information which you shared with all of us! I do appreciate it very, very much! Hope you are feeling better than ever! Thanks again! Michele πŸ™‚

  132. thanks for sharing! i try to avoid artificial sweetners too, buts its hard sometimes

  133. Wow, I use Round Up. I’ve read that boiling water or salt water can be used to kill weeds. I think I’m going to try the salt water.

    • I’ve heard the same about the alternative to Round Up; though I’ve never tried it myself. If you have luck – please come back and share πŸ™‚

  134. I’ve heard of this before, and also read a study linking artificial sweeteners to Alzheimer’s, which is so sad! I wish companies would make products and goods that are healthy and beneficial to our bodies so we can buy and consume things without having to worry all the time. Luckily, I do not use anything other than real sugar. But this is just terrible!

    • I’ve heard the same Sonal. I think the problem lies where these companies can’t/don’t have the resources to analyze the effects over a long period of time. We’re all unique in our genetic makeup and all have different meds we may be on. There’s just no way they can test all that out, so they just put it on the market until enough complaints have been filed against the product. It’s really sad.

  135. i’m going to quit artificial sweeteners. I need to feel better

    • After you’ve quit for a few weeks – please come back and share if you noticed a difference.

      • I have quit. I was using Mio instead of drinking plain water everyday. I had bariatric surgery 15 months ago. I was cautiously watching my calories. Yeah I was still losing weight but my skin has looked terrible since using artificial sweeten; oily face; dehydrated skin; thyroid out of control again; higher liver enzymes and probably more issues attributed to the use. I put on my grown woman pants on and quit. I went back to plain water and included unsweetened iced tea. I’m doing well but the affects aren’t totally gone yet but improving.

        • Melissa – I wish you the best. Stay strong – hopefully all will follow in time. At least you identified the problem and took action – you helped yourself and that often takes a lot.

  136. This has turned out to be quite interesting and informative, reading issues that others had due to chemical allergies, or for lack of a better word, poisoning.

  137. I would like to apologize to you for posting almost the same thing over and over again. Mom Does Reviews is having a giveaway and we have to comment on the same reviews every single day. I guess this will end when the contest does. I am truly sorry and I thank you so much for your kind patience!
    Thanks so very much for the Review/Information on Artificial Sweeteners Poisoned Me – Could They Be Making You Sick? I hope that you are doing well now that you have gotten away from all the artificial sweeteners. My kids don’t want anything to do with Artificial Sweeteners and I never purchase a diet soda or drink for the house. Everything that I purchase to drink, eat, whatever all has regular sugar in it. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had any artificial sweeteners and, to be honest, I haven’t felt any difference. This could be because of all the other problems that I have! Thanks so much for sharing your important information on Artificial Sweeteners Poisoned Me – Could They Be Making You Sick? with all of us! I honestly truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele πŸ™‚

    • Hi Michele – no need to apologize. The links were suppose to change every week during the 3-wk giveaway. I think many had the same issue in receiving the link to update our links last week. That said, the link should be changing for this site anytime now. Thanks so much for your patience and kindness.

  138. I’m so glad you brought this to light!

  139. Do Artificial Sweeteners Make You Ill?
    Acesulphame Potassium or Acesulphame K Makes me Ill

    In May of 2014, I had a very bad reaction to Acesulphame Potassium (hereafter, AP) when I drank a concentrated mixture of the beverage, Crystal Light (berry flavor). The drink had been mixed with too little water. It tasted fine, but the following day, I became extremely nauseated. Vomiting ensued and I passed out, once, nearly aspirating. These episodes were followed by several days of extreme fatigue and weakness. We did not know what caused this illness, so I resumed drinking Crystal Light and other diet drinks, such as Diet Pepsi.

    Within a few days, I was ill, again. Up to that point, I was accustomed to having diet drinks daily in varying amounts. In the months following my initial illness, I tested all the different drinks to see which ones were the problem. By a process of elimination, I found I could tolerate Splenda or sucralose quite well. I could not tolerate Aspartame in combination with AP. Actually, I couldn’t test Aspartame, alone, because it was always in combination with the AP.

    Recently, I found a low-glycemic protein drink that had AP without the Aspartame. The other sweeteners in it were sucralose and maltodextrin. I had found, by experimenting, that these two other sweeteners did not bother me. So I drank two of the drinks within 12 hours of one another. About two hours after the second drink, I experienced waves of nausea. Later, I experienced extreme fatigue and weakness, which continued for about 36 hours.

    I feel that AP, and possibly, Aspartame, are poisonous to me. Consequently, I avoid all foods with AP and Aspartame in them. I wonder how many other people are experiencing the same symptoms? If you are experiencing the same symptoms, will you write to me and share?

  140. Sorry you had to suffer for so long. I am a diabetic and use sweetners in my coffee and drink diet 7- Up. So far I haven’t had any problems with sweetner and pray I don’t. Have to have my coffee in the mornings.

    • I hope you don’t either – on another note – I now drink my coffee with a tad bit of cream in the first cup and that’s it. I don’t even use sugar. Doing that was easier than I thought it would be. Now on the other hand, I couldn’t give up soda – I now drink coke.

  141. I happen to think artificial sweeteners are fine in moderation. it is quite difficult to definitely prove that is what was causing your maledies

    • I disagree Sandra. Had the nausea gone away after my pregnancy – I would have said morning sickness took me down. However, when the only change in my diet was to remove artificial sweeteners nearly 7 yrs later, I am 100% certain it was those sweeteners making me sick. I have been fine ever since I stopped them – going on 11 yrs now. I urge you to search the internet to see what others have to say about what they’ve experienced in consuming the sweeteners.

  142. Thanks again on the Fantastic Review/Information on Artificial Sweeteners Poisoned Me – Could They Be Making You Sick? It’s been about a week since I’ve stopped all artificial sweeteners! I don’t feel any different right now. I’m still getting headaches and my usual aches and pains every day. It could be that I’ve been using artificial sweeteners for years and years and it’s going to take a while to see a difference! I know that I’m definitely stressed to the max right now because of our financial situation and I do believe that and lack of sleep is why I’m getting the headaches. Thank God they are not Terribly bad where I feel sick or anything! How have you been feeling? Is everything still ok with you? Thanks again for sharing your information with all of us! I truly do appreciate it very much! Thanks again! Michele πŸ™‚

    • It may take a while Michele, to see a difference. That said, after consuming them for a good 30 yrs., I noticed a difference within a few short weeks. I’m feeling really good – haven’t had nausea, vomiting like I did for nearly 11 yrs now. Like I said, not a drop of those nasty, human-made, chemical sweeteners go in my mouth or my son’s. Thanks for asking.

  143. Thank you for this information. I have stayed away from most artificial sweeteners until lately. I did get into the Crystal Light, Now that will be the last of it for me. I have always known that diet sodas actually cause an increase in weight, not weight loss. It stimulates your hunger sensations. I never thought about the stomach problems and headaches being from it.

  144. I have been hearing this for years. I do not use any kind of artificial sweeteners.

  145. Artificial is something awful. I avoid it in this household.

    • Smart woman. If I only knew then what I know now – I would’ve kept them out of my house too. They don’t reside here now in the least little bit.

  146. I will definitely be looking into this for my husband. He has been having similar symptoms and had procedures as well that never fixed the issue.

  147. i dont like artificial sweeteners

  148. Thanks for the great information lots of people suffer from migraines

  149. Wow. This is very important information. I’m going to be giving more thought to artificial sweeteners from now on.

  150. Very interesting! I live off of soda, but not diet. I know it’s still not good, but I just can’t seem to kick this sugar habit.

  151. That is really scary. I am sorry you had to suffer through this. I don’t use them myself.

  152. When I read your story it was like reading my own. I too suffered with nausea and severe headaches years ago. I researched aspartame and realized it was the cause. I stopped using all artificial sweeteners and advised everyone that I knew to do the same. You are saving a lot of people by telling your story.

  153. Wow I did not know this. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.

  154. WOW I had no ideal.

  155. I drink lots of diet colas and my mom has been warning me about this for years, telling me that I might be getting sick from it. Your post really opened my eyes about this issue, I think I am going to have to look into this further and make some tough decisions to cut this out of my diet so that I can feel well again.

    • I hope you have the strength to rid them in your diet. You need to feel well – we only have one life and not feeling good isn’t the way you want to live it if you can control what the issue is. My best to you.

  156. Great article, I can’t drink artificial sweeteners, it gives me diarrhea. I have a lot of stomach problems and my stomach can’t take it. It does give me a funny feeling also. I don’t use them ever unless I get served a diet drink by mistake. It doesn’t take long to figure it out.

    • Oh – I’m sure it doesn’t take long before you know you’ve ingested the crap. I’m glad you listened to your body and sorted out what the issue was. These sweeteners are just so bad for us – even the newer ones on the market.

  157. This was an incredibly informative and interesting post, thank you so much for sharing! It is so scary to have ailments that even the doctors can’t find out what it is. I am so glad that you finally discovered what was wrong with you! My dad can’t have sugar so for awhile he was consuming artificial sweeteners and I always felt like it was even worse for him. Luckily he doesn’t at all anymore either.

  158. I wish they would take artificial sweeteners off the market! A lot of people do not realize how bad they are for you.

  159. Thanks for the info. We need to stop drinking Splenda. I have no headaches or anything yet. Hopefully I don’t.

  160. that’s terrible to happen to you

  161. You’re not the first person to tell me they had such a bad experience with artificial sweeteners. In fact, I’ve had doctors tell me, even when I was trying to lose weight, that they’d prefer I just eat something with actual sugar rather than artificial sweeteners.

  162. I’ve used artificial sweeteners before, but haven’t done so in years.

  163. I have never really used them but this is good info to know. I am glad you figured out what was wrong!

  164. I had to write the makers of Flintstone Vitamins last week because they changed their formula to include two kinds of artificial sweeteners. On their website it says no artificial colors or sweeteners. I’m very disappointed because I won’t be able to buy them anymore.Why do all these companies keep doing this? It’s in all kids medicines and toothpastes too now. I wish they would at least make two different formulas if they want to make some with artificial. A lot of people can’t have them.

    • Good for you for taking action. I don’t understand why they do this or come up with all these new ones that, I believe, they hope that people don’t recognize that they are just another form of an artificial sweetener.

  165. Very interesting to read. I’m glad you found the answer to your health concerns.

  166. Wow! Hope I don’t end up there — I use Splenda waaaay too much!

  167. My mom puts Splenda in everything…even if it’s already sweetened! I worry about her.

  168. ive always stayed away from them. not good

  169. I stopped using any kind of artificial sweeteners many years ago. They always gave me headaches. Glad you finally figured it out for you and your son.

  170. Thanks for this post.

  171. My standard is if its artificial it is not good for you!

  172. This information about artificial sweeteners is very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  173. I do not use any artificial sweeteners because of the health risks. I do still try to limit my sugar intake and have learned to like my coffee without sugar.

  174. All companies at make children’s liquid pain relievers have gone to artificial sweeteners. All name brands and all store brands. I wish companies would realize how harmful that is. I had to get my kids out of surgery the pills instead.

  175. Interesting. I don’t drink diet sodas but I do use a lot of Splenda.

  176. I am very concerned about this topic as a diabetic. I absolutely avoid aspertame at all cost in favor of more natural sweeteners.

  177. This is really scary stuff. I have a lot of medical problems, so I should probably cut these out!

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