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You Data is a website who pays members to read advertisements via the YouData 5-Stack interface.  The interface is a program installed as a plug-in on your PC. I have had it installed for a good 3 years now, and have never had a problem with it.  In order to view the advertisements, you open up the program and hit reload. You are then told if there are any ads to view, and if there are, you are told so. If not, you will get a message stating there are no pending offers.  Any payments pending are paid through PayPal…and they have ALWAYS paid me…even if it was only .10 cents.

Joining is as simple as creating your MeFile (information about you) and then fill out the surveys under the survey tab.  These aren’t true surveys, but more so like a series of questions which creates a more in depth profile of you. The more answers you provide on the surveys, the more offers you will receive in your YouData Stack-5.

Once you’ve established your account it’s up to you when and how often to view them. You are responsible for opening the program and viewing the ads.  You aren’t sent an email saying there are ads to view.  

Since I have joined, there have been added topics under surveys for me to answer (only if I wanted to).  I did that just a few minutes ago, and in doing so, I had 6 ads in my YouData to view…$.60 in my pocket!  Works for me….all those nickels and dimes add up.  Wanna join me in earning money with You Data? Click here

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  1. This sounds intersting. One question: will they call you? I had joined some survey sites and they blew up my phone so bad I had to have my number changed so now I'm gun shy.

    Stopping by from Wednesday Social buzz and following you on all of your social media. @CarliAlice

  2. Hi! New follower from the Buzz hop!


  3. I don't blame you for being gun shy. Nothing is more frustrating than signing up for something and then have your phone ring off the wall!. My other half tends to sign up for whatever…doesn't have a clue…and then the phone starts ringing off the hook…he's no where to be found to answer to what he started… my inbox is bombarded with emails from these companies and I have to take the time to unsubscribe to them! In fact, he and I just had this conversation the other day…if you don't know what you're doing, don't do it! Read the fine print!

    To answer your question, I have never received a call from this company. My girlfriend signed on with the company a year or so ago, and I haven't heard any complaints from her either. Only once in a blue moon will I even get an email from this company.

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