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Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

I love facial masks but hadn’t had one in forever.  So when the Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask review opportunity came about, I had take advantage of it.  I am so glad I did!  I love this product.

Let’s review the intricates of the Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask:

  • Facial Mask Tightens and Purifies Pores leaving Clear, Younger Complexion
  • Dead Sea Mud Quickly Reduces Acne and Pimples
  • Over 21 Minerals Present in Dead Sea Mud Mask help to keep skin healthier and act as acne treatment
  • A Facial Dead Sea Mud Mask Facial Treatment in Spas cost from $70-120. This Mask contains 30 Sessions
  • Can be Used as Spot Treatment & Blackhead Remover

Why Choose a Mud Mask and Why Adovia?

Reduce excess oils, minimize pores and experience radiant and clear skin with our Dead Sea Facial Mask. This Mud Mask Tightens and Purifies Pores leaving a Clear, Smooth & Younger Looking Complexion. Vitamin C, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil help to prevent over drying and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


The Adovia Facial Mask with Dead Sea Mud Contains the Highest Concentration of Dead Sea Mud on the Market. Unlike a clay mask that requires mixing our facial mask is ready to use. Packaged in a Professional Tube – which makes it last longer than jars – one tube used once a week can last 6 Months to 1 Year! The Adovia Facial Mud Mask is used in the World’s Top Spas by Professional Estheticians for $80-$100 per Facial. – HUGE Savings


As the facial mud mask dries, it opens up pores and pulls out excess oils, toxins, Blackheads and Pore Clogging Pollutants. It infuses pores with a high concentration of minerals from Dead Sea mud. Vitamin C, Aloe Vera Gel, Jojoba Oil and Ginseng nourish and stimulate your skin from within – providing for a natural skin care treatment effect. Also great to use as a spot treatment for pimples, blackheads and random acne.


Adovia Mineral Skin Care has been producing skin care products for ten years with thousands of satisfied customers and a proven track record. Our skin care experts specialize in skin care products made from Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt. Our products are 100% CRUELTY FREE and Never Tested on Animals.


Buy Risk Free with our 1 YEAR 100%, Unconditional, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee! We are so confident that you will love our skin care products that if you don’t feel that your skin looks more clear, radiant and younger after using our Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask please contact us for a complete refund.


Let’s breakdown what is at the top of this post – I would have included an image of the mask on – but I really need to learn how to take selfies!  The ones I took are atrocious!

Facial Mask Tightens and Purifies Pores leaving Clear, Younger Complexion

When first applied, it began to dry within seconds.  I thought that there was just no way this mud mask would do anything.  As time progressed, the tightness of the mask did as well.  I could literally feel the mask tightening up my facial skin.

I kept the mask on for 20 minutes before I washed it off.  When I washed it off my hands after applying it – it easily came right off.  That said, I wasn’t too sure what to expect after leaving it on for 20 minutes. However, I was pleasantly surprised!

I splashed water on my face and it immediately began to turn to a muddy consistency.  I actually liked the feeling, so I dampened my entire face and washed my face with it like I would a facial scrub.  After doing so, I simply splashed water on my face to remove it.  Removing it was extremely easy.  I took a facecloth to my face to dry it – looking at the facecloth after I did so. I want to see if there was any residue left behind.  There wasn’t!   Five hours later – I could still feel the tightness of my facial skin!  Score!

Dead Sea Mud Quickly Reduces Acne and Pimples

The very first time I used the product I was totally amazed at how it removed 99% of these bumps that were under my eye – near the lower eye socket bone.  These bumps had been there for YEARS! I could only feel one after doing the mud mask.  Who would have ever thought?  Certainly not me, or I would have tried a product like this, years ago.

Can be Used as Spot Treatment & Blackhead Remover

So the spot where I had those bumps and where not all of them disappeared after the first treatment, I decided to try the product as a spot treatment on those.  Again, I let the product sit for 2o minutes before washing it off and much to my surprise, that one bump was gone.  Nearly 24 hrs. after these treatments – I felt the area again – it’s just so smooth.  That’s all I can say!

If you’d like to try this product for yourself – you can purchase it on their website.

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