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The start of summer signals the beginning of vacation season. As you plan a getaway centered on fun in the sun, you are reminded to pack essentials that will keep you safe and also protect your health. Along with bringing along your over-the-counter and prescription medications, don’t forget to pack something to take care of the outside of your body. You can avoid a sunburn and shield your skin from brilliant and harmful UV rays by packing essentials like reef friendly sunscreen, suntan oil, baby oil, and a sun hat before you head out on vacation.  If you’re heading to an ocean – you may want to consider purchasing a sunscreen that helps protect coral reefs.

Why Reef Friendly Sunscreen?

Let’s focus on the sunscreen.  You can find sunscreen in any discount or big box retailer; however, are those products really the best ones to protect your skin?  Will those products protect our ecosystem?  Reef Friendly Sunscreen was actually produced to protect the ocean’s coral reefs as many of the ingredients in a traditional sunscreen break down the coral.

The bleaching and dying of coral reefs is a global crisis. Coral reefs are one of the most biodiverse and productive ecosystems on earth. Although they only occupy a small fraction of the ocean floor, they are home to a quarter of all marine species. If present rates of destruction are allowed to continue, much of the world’s coral reefs will likely disappear over the next 30 years. In addition to global climate change and destructive fishing practices, recent studies confirm that man-made pollutants are having a significant negative impact on coral reefs. Unfortunately, one of these pollutants is sunscreen.

Paraben, Zinc Oxide and Fragrance Free 

Reef Friendly Sunscreen has all of its ingredients listed on the website so that you know exactly what you are getting when you wear it. If you are allergic or sensitive to some ingredients found in sunscreens, you can check the list of substances that are missing from it.  For example, many people are sensitive to paraben and fragrances. Reef Friendly Sunscreen does not contain either, allowing you to wear it safely without aggravating your allergies or sensitivities. Zinc Oxide is another allergen to many, and this product is free of zinc oxide.

That’s not all Reef Friendly Sunscreen is free of:

  •   Oxybenzone Free
  •   Titanium Dioxide Free
  •   paraben
  •   fragrances
  •   Zinc Oxide

Sun Safety

Choosing the right sunscreen for you is made easy; Coral Friendly’s website has a link for sun safety that you may read after you choose the best sunscreen product for your skin care needs.

Some of the tips for staying safe in the sun are limiting your time in direct sunlight and wearing a hat to protect your face. You may also be reminded that you can suffer a sunburn even on days when it is cloudy outside.

Environmental protection, protection from sunburns and harmful rays of the sun, reef friendly sunscreen is all about that.


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