Oct 172014
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7 Tips for Establishing a Rhythm in Your Home

It is good to be spontaneous, but when you are a parent, you also learn that a house without some sort of routine can turn into nonstop chaos. Kids need a rhythm, and so do you. Obviously, you have to be able to adjust from time-to-time, but a general rhythm in the home is very comforting to kids. They may not necessarily realize it, but their inner clock appreciates having an idea of what should come next.


  1. Be Realistic – Don’t expect your house to go from a frazzled atmosphere to running like a well-tuned machine overnight. Create a schedule that will actually work for your family. You may want to start with bed time, and then build from there.
  2. Think of You – Parents are often so busy thinking of their kids that they don’t do anything for themselves. Incorporate something for you in the schedule and    everyone will adjust. Maybe you go lie on your hammock every day and read for 20 minutes while everyone starts their homework after school. You can pick up hammocks at Soothing Company. If you have a young child, check out the hammocks that are big enough for a few people. Your little one can nap while you read on a nice day.
  3. Be Flexible – A routine needs to have room for flexibility. This is especially true if you have active kids who play sports or take dance classes. Something will always come up. Plus, you need to be prepared to adjust for sick days, snow days, etc.
  4. Allow Downtime – Kids need structure, but they also need time to just be kids. They should not have every minute planned, so be careful not to over-schedule days.
  5. Ask for Feedback – You may think the routine is perfect, but is it working for them? Have family meetings and determine if things need to change. Kids appreciate feeling like they have a voice in the family.
  6. Don’t Worry About What Everyone Else is Doing – Nothing good ever comes from trying to keep up with the Joneses. Your family is unique. You don’t have to do everything another family does. They could be miserable and trying to be more like you!
  7. Plan Ahead – Organization will play a huge role in how smooth your days go. Even planning your route to drop off the kids at different locations and run errands could keep you from driving back-and-forth all day. Plan meals for the week, too. If you make some easy things one day that can be reheated, packed in lunches, etc., it will save you time during the week.
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