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5 Things to Bring to your Next Family Get Together or Vacation

Taking your whole family on vacation, whether it’s a small get together nearby or on a cross-country road trip, is a great way to relax and reconnect, especially when you’ve got kids who go to school.

But how do you choose what to take with you? There are some great products that can relieve your organizing issues while giving your kids something to stay interested in. And an hour into your trip, these are the things you’ll be glad you brought with you.

A Back Seat Organizer

If you have little ones who are easily bored, a back seat organizer will save you on long road trips. It works like this — the slim design fastens to the back of one of your car seats and can hold a tablet, toys, a drink, and even books, keeping it all within your child’s reach. Now your little one can watch their favorite show or read a book, all without having to ask you where it is. It’s fun, it’s simple, and it will keep your kids happy.

Kids Play Tray

If you don’t know what a Kids Play Tray is, don’t worry — most moms don’t. But it can be a lifesaver. This tray fits comfortably over your kid’s lap, is outlined in durable material, and has pouches on either side to keep their belongings close by. Some even have a place for a drink!

But the great thing about this is the modularity of the product — the play tray can be transformed into a bag that keeps all your kid’s belongings in one place. It keeps you organized and keeps your kid interested while traveling, and that’s a breath of fresh air.


Coolers are a must-have item for any family taking a road trip to their vacation, and the sturdier the better. They carry all the snacks and drinks your family could need in one place, so even the pickiest of kids always have something they can eat on the road. No family trip is complete without one.

There is one brand that stands out from the rest, and that’s the Yeti coolers. This line of coolers — they have four kinds — are great, because they are durable and leak proof. Ranging from large coolers to personal coolers, and even a portable cooler for camping trips, the Yeti line are tough enough for long trips that will keep your snacks and drinks cool. And they can even be personalized. Cool, right?


For you and your husband, having a strong cup of caffeine is going to be crucial on the trip. This becomes even more necessary if you’re getting on the road early when you’re not exactly awake but you should be.

Instead of heading to your local coffee shop or gas station, consider getting a tumbler that can hold your morning beverage. Tumblers are great because you can reuse them, they last a long time, and many are spill-proof.

One of the best tumblers on the market come from Yeti. Their Rambler tumbler is a sleek design with an airtight lid that will keep your beverage of choice at your favorite temperature for as long as you need to drink it. The design has vacuum insulation and a no-sweat design that was created to keep your drink inside the tumbler and not all over your car.


Okay, so this one isn’t for you, but more for your kids. A hoverboard, also known as a self-balancing scooter, is a great way for the little ones to zoom around your vacation spot. It also keeps them interested on long trips because they can play with it during rest stops. And hey, if you get on it yourself, who could blame you? They’re cool devices.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but these items just might help you with bored or rowdy kids, saving you a headache in the process. If you have any other suggestions that you think might make a family vacation better, leave them below so others can add them to their travel list!

Bio – This guest post is courtesy of MightySkins, an American owned, operated and manufactured company located in Florida. MightySkins creates vinyl skins such as Yeti cooler wraps, Yeti tumbler wraps and self balancing board wraps as well as other skins for electronics.

What items do you include when going on a family get together or vacation?

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