Dec 172014

Things that Will Breathe New Life into Your Bedroom


As much as you would love to completely redecorate your bedroom, you probably won’t even consider doing that until after your kids are grown and finished school. Maybe, just maybe, you won’t have so many expenses then. Although, you could be paying for college, a wedding or saving up to take that dream vacation you’ve been waiting your life for. So, perhaps that remodel will never come. Thankfully, you can breathe new life into this space by just adding one or two of the elements on this list to your room.

1. Water Features – These beneficial art pieces naturally become a focal point in any room they occupy. If are looking to find water features online, Stores like Luxe Water Walls have some stunning options. In addition to changing the look of your room, it will improve the air quality and help you sleep better, as well.

2. Window Treatments – Do you dream of having remote-controlled shades like you see in the movies? This will allow you to hide the sun when you want to sleep in on the weekend, or open the shades from bed so the sunlight can motivate you to get up. Custom window treatments are a smart investment. Many come with a lifetime warranty and they improve the resale value of the home. Assuming you would leave them behind. Warranties typically transfer.

3. Fireplace – Whether you are enjoying some alone time with your significant other or having a movie marathon with the kids in bed on a snowy day, a fireplace will create a cozy space. You can add a bio ethanol, electric, or gel fireplace to your bedroom with no venting needed. A wall one would be the best option, if you have young children. Otherwise, you could go with a freestanding one, too.

4. Paint – Before you turn your nose up at the idea because you simply do not have time to paint, understand that you don’t have to do the whole room. Paint that bold accent wall you have been considering for a while. Look online at color swatches and have an idea of what colors you are interested in. While you’re out running errands, pick up the paint so you have it handy. If you know you want to paint tomorrow while the kids are at school, have the trims taped today so the space is ready. As soon as they get on the bus, open the paint, and get the wall done. It will barely take any time at all,, and it will have a huge impact on your space.

What is your favorite way to spruce up your bedroom?

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Dec 172014

$100 Amazon or PayPal Christmas Giveaway Open to USA/CA


Hosts : Your Contests Canada

Your Contests USA

Host: Canada US Win and Save

From us to you we Wish you the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays. Out gift to you is the chance to win $100 Amazon or PayPal Cash.

Wouldn’t this prize be a blessing at this time of the year?  Wallets & Credit cards are exhausted from the holidays.

One lucky fan has a chance to win a 100$ Amazon Gift Card OR 100$ Paypal (Canadian)!


  • One person per household
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  • facebook, twitter, pinterest etc is not responsible or liable in anyway for this post/giveaway
  • Giveaway ends 12/31/14 @ 9am
** Finger Click Saver is not responsible for prize shipment. 
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Dec 142014

UK Holiday Coupons at

UK - EU Promo Codes


Do you live in the UK?  Do you shop online?  If those answers are yes – then it would be worth your while to search for UK Holiday Promo Codes and coupons from voucher sky at  Voucher Sky offers savings from retailers like Converse, Crocs, La Redoute, Daxon, The Hut, Goddiva, Zulily, and many other online retailers including, food coupons from Domino’s and Papa Johns.

Shopping at is a place aiming to save one money.  After all the money you save is much better in your pocket than the retailer’s.  Very seldom would you find a team member of Finger Click Saver’s not shop online without using a promo code to go along with the sale(s).  Whether that code would be one for a percentage off one item or the entire order.  Sometimes it’s better to take advantage of the free shipping codes – depending on what is being purchased.

Speaking of free shipping codes, you will find that has those as well.  The site is laid out where one can simply click on the type of code one is in need of at the top of the site.  Alternatively – one can search the site for the store they’re shopping at to see what promo codes are available.

We are very fortunate to have an alternative way of shopping compared to 20 years ago.  Between the sales, promo codes, the ability to shop 24/7, to be able to shop in your jammies, the gas savings incurred by not having to drive to the store, the wear and tear on the vehicle – what’s not to love about shopping online?  The only drawback to shopping online is when one finds the need to return an item – that can be a hassle depending on the retailer one has purchased from.

All this said – UK shoppers be sure to check out what has for savings for you – not just during the holiday season, but all year through.

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Dec 132014

 Famous Footwear Printable Coupon/Online Promo Code

Take 15-20% off your entire purchase at Famous Footwear.


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  • Coupon is valid from December 12th to December 25th.
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  • After you join the Rewards Program, you will be directed to a Famous email sign up to receive $5 OFF your next shoe purchase.
  • There is a limit of 21 pairs of shoes for this coupon and it cannot be used on gift cards or previous purchases.
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Dec 132014
older dog care

Caring for an Older Dog

older dog care

As much as you hate to think about it, your loyal dog is eventually going to grow old and pass on. If your dog is already approaching his or her last days, you may be wondering what you can do to make life as comfortable as possible. Here are a few simple tips for caring for your older dog.

Feed Nutritious Food

While it can be tempting to save a few bucks on dog food by purchasing the cheapest brands available, it is important to realize that nutritious food is imperative for an aging dog. You wouldn’t feed your kids the cheapest and most unhealthy foods you could find, and you should show your dog the same courtesy. Your dog may also have some specific nutrition requirements based on his or her health issues, so it is important to talk to your veterinarian about the most appropriate foods for your dog’s health. Once you switch your dog to a healthier diet, you may notice that he or she has more energy and seems livelier than before.

Monitor Your Dog’s Weight

Obesity is no healthier for dogs than it is for humans, and it is important to make sure your dog stays at a healthy weight in order to maximize mobility and energy levels. If your dog has put on a few extra pounds over the last few months, talk to your vet about modifying your dog’s diet and exercise programs appropriately.

Help Your Dog Exercise

Although your furry companion may seem tired and lifeless much of the time, you are not doing him or her any favors by encouraging a sedentary lifestyle. Your dog will probably respond very positively to a morning or evening walk or a game of fetch. Even if your dog is not able to go for long walks around the neighborhood, a little bit of exercise will surely do him or her some good and will likely improve both of your moods.

Schedule Checkups Regularly

As your dog ages, he or she will need even more expert care than usual. In order to make sure that your dog is as healthy and happy as possible, schedule veterinarian checkups regularly. Your vet may also be able to catch early signs of disease and sickness if your schedule regular and frequent appointments.

Schedule Surgery as Needed

In some cases, older dogs may suffer from disease, vision problems, or joint problems that may require surgery in order to ease discomfort. If your dog has tumors, cataracts, or any other age-related problem that is causing undue suffering, be sure to talk to your vet about the possibility of dog surgery in order to alleviate symptoms and restore the greatest degree of comfort possible.

Check Your Dog’s Teeth

It can be easy to overlook the health of your dog’s teeth, but dental care is very important for all dogs. Gingivitis can build up on your dog’s teeth over time and lead to organ problems due to bacteria in the bloodstream. To avoid this, be sure to brush your dog’s teeth and have them cleaned regularly by your vet.

Just because your dog is older does not meant that he or she can’t have an enjoyable life. To maximize your dog’s comfort, be sure to follow these simple and important care tips.


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