Dec 032013

It’s that time of year to get the kids all excited about Christmas.  Here’s one way that you can do just that.  Santa’s Official Reindeer Live feed is airing now.   Your kids can enjoy watching them at anytime but they can see Santa  Mon-Fri at 11am, 6pm & 9pm,  Weekends at 6pm (Eastern Time).  Visit to join in on the fun.  They have apps for it too, for the droid, iPad and Windows.

Nov 102013

2013 Veteran’s Day Freebies

Veteran’s Day brings a lot of freebies to communities.  Here’s a rather extensive list of participating places.  Be sure to check other popular places in your area. Those not so big chain local restaurants and establishments in your area offer deals that are location specific. 

Restaurant Roundup

Golden Corral



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Aug 122013

I’m sure there are mixed opinions on this app, but I can tell you that I am all for it considering I have a teen…and one that doesn’t always makes the best choices.  I realize she needs to learn from her mistakes, but I really worry about her because of all the social medias that are available today.  I’m sure others would find this app useful in other ways – your thoughts?

SMS Catcher is a fun application that allows you to read messages from any cell phone! Just enter the phone number you are interested in and press Catch SMS.

Click Here to get the app.
Update – I just reviewed the terms and conditions – there is a fee associated with this app. of $9.99/mo but you can cancel at any time.  Still not a bad deal if you are in need of monitoring.  Service only supports some carriers 🙁

Jun 032013

FREE Treat Card for New Customers thru 6/17/13 or until 1,000,000 have been given away

Think Father’s Day, Graduation, Birthday – even Christmas if you plan that far ahead!

Here’s how to get the deal: 

1. Check out their selection of thousands of designs designs and choose your favorite card
2. Upload pictures, choose your font and message, and preview the card to make sure it’s right
3. Use promo code TREAT1MA when you checkout.
4. To get the card totally free, have it shipped to you. Alternatively, for the cost of a stamp, Treat can mail it directly to the recipient. You can even choose the delivery date for those far off dates

Get yours {here}

Jun 022013

If you haven’t signed on with Plink – you’re missing out.

For this offer (best one I think they’ve had yet):

Sign up for Plink make any purchase at McDonald’s by Sunday, 6/9 11:59 EST, and they’ll give you 1,000 Plink Points. One thousand (1000) points is enough to redeem for a $10 Gift Card of your choice at places like McDonald’s,, Target, Walmart, Kohls, Starbucks and more!

I signed on with them a while ago, and faithfully, I have received Plink Points each time I make a purchase at one of the locations I’ve chosen to attach to my account. Their platform is secure and I’ve had no problems since attaching my debit card to my Plink account.

Jun 022013

There’s nothing better than FREE and this summer you can get a free item every week at 7-Eleven by simply downloading the 7-Eleven App.  Go to the 7-Eleven website  and scroll down – you’ll see the offer near the bottom on the right.  Enjoy your freebies!