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I had the pleasures of experiencing Zaycon Foods all-natural, hormone-free, boneless chicken breasts.  You ask, Zaycon Foods?  Zaycon Foods is a unique company that offers many organic meat and produce products that you order online in advance of a local delivery date.  My original Zaycon Foods post can be read here.

The process goes like this:

  • Zaycon will notify you of an upcoming event in your area via email (after you’ve signed up to receive notifications).  Alternatively, you can check their website for local events happening in your area.
  • You will see where the next event in your area is being held – including the time and the date.
  • You place your order online and pay for it.  Orders are fairly large in size.  For instance, the chicken I received came in four 10lb bags for a total order of 40lbs of organic chicken.
  • Email reminders will head your way of your local delivery date and time.

When the day comes you head to the location where you’ll find a truck awaiting your arrival. Yup – the truck is in a parking lot!  This is truly a drive-thru shopping experience.

The driver will greet you, confirm who you are and what you ordered.  The gentleman in the picture below – was very pleasant to deal with.  He was also very helpful with suggestions on how to use the large chicken breasts in various recipes.

Then the driver will  prepare your vehicle for the placement of your order.  My delivery man laid out a large piece of plastic on the bottom of my trunk.

He then retrieves your order, which is in heavy duty cardboard box and places it in your trunk.  That’s it.  You’re done and you mosey along your merry way.   If I hadn’t taken the time to converse with the driver, the process would have been completed in under 5 minutes.

As I said earlier – the box contained 4 heavy duty plastic bags with 10lbs of chicken in each bag.  If you’re picturing these chicken breasts to be the size of the breasts you’d buy at the store – picture this instead – HUGE.  That’s right – each breast is huge!  I used two breasts that made enough for two dinners plus leftovers – of chicken cordon bleu.

The freshness of the breasts upon delivery were just that…fresh!  There was no way though that our family would eat that much chicken even if I were to have frozen it all in freezer bags for later meals .  So, I divided up the breasts into meal portions and froze what I figure we will eat before the chicken would become freezer burnt and then I gave several bags away to family for them to try this fabulous organic chicken.

Given the price of what Zaycon charges for their organic chicken – $1.99lb, with a minimum purchase of 40lbs, it’s well worth splitting up the order between two or three families if your family couldn’t eat 40lbs of chicken before it spoils. Doing this would also make buying their products affordable for those who don’t have a lot of money to tie up at once in meat and produce.

Think you’d like to see what Zaycon offers in your area?  Head on over and check the site out.

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  1. Yes! This is the gentleman that I met with. His helpfulness and demeanor couldn’t have been better.

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