Jun 072013

This post brought to you by Worldwide Janitor. All opinions are 100% mine.

A professional janitorial business needs to hold up its reputation buy buying professional grade janitorial products.  That said, there are even households that could benefit from professional grade janitorial products.  There is a new online company that may just be what you’re in need of – Worldwide Janitor.  They sell bulk commercial cleaning products and supplies that are available at discount prices when purchased in large quantities.
When I think janitorial products – I think cleaners.  However, this company sells everything from trashcans and liners, floor care, floor mats, degreasers, food service cleaners (stainless steel pads etc.), marine care products, pest and lawn control products and so much more.
Their newest line of products is their organic biodegradable cleaning supplies.  The products sold in this line found online at Worldwide Janitor.  Snee Chemical manufactures these products, which is very popular on the Gulf Coast.  The nice thing about this line of products is that they are reasonably priced.  One can buy just one gallon or it can be purchased by the case in which a discount is given if purchased in bulk saving the company or homeowner money.
Be sure to pass this information along if you know of someone who could benefit from Worldwide Janitor’s product line.

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