Jan 212011
One2One Network recently gave me the opportunity to watch and review CMT’s first scripted sitcom, Working Class. The debut is Friday, January 28 at 8pm on the CMT channel. Another episode will air following the debut at 8:30pm.   
The storyline is about Carli (Melissa Peterman) who is a single mother trying to raise her three kids on her own. Carli, being from a rough neighborhood, decides she wants more for her kids and moves them to an upscale suburb. Carli soon realizes the transition was not what she was hoping. She is befriended unintentionally by a cranky neighbor Hank (Ed Asner), who works at a local deli/grocery store.. Carli takes on employment where Hank works.  She is approached by a customer (Patrick Fabian) whom she has an immediate attraction to and begins to flirt grossly with him. She soon discovers from Hank “the customer” was more than just a customer, he was her boss. In fear of losing her job when she was called into his office, she apologizes repeatedly, yet still continuing to flirt with him. Much to her dismay, Carli’s meeting was interrupted abruptly…by her boss’ girlfriend. All the while this was happening, a former schoolmate (Buddy) shows up wanting to hook up with Carli. He learns Carli is only interested in him as a “Buddy.”
Now, I am not a fan of sitcoms, but I must say this show was very entertaining. Melissa Peterman portrays herself as being witty, smart, stressed (as most single parents are), however; she is able to make the best of whatever it is that comes her way. I laughed throughout the show from the beginning where she waters down the milk to the end when she discovers her new infatuation (her boss), has a girlfriend. Ed Asner is as dry and straight-faced as he was on the Mary Tyler Moore Show however his dryness makes one laugh.  
There will be twelve episodes airing. Future airings include multiple guest stars including, Reba McEntire from Reba, David Faustino from Married with Children, Kathy Kinney from The Drew Carey Show, John Schneider from The Dukes of Hazzard, Ryan Stiles from Whose Line Is It Anyway, Lesley Ann Warren from In Plain Sight and lastly, CMT’s own Evan Farmer from CMT Top 20 Countdown.
Working Class’ stars:
Melissa Peterman as Carli Mitchell
Ed Asner as Hank Greziak…Carli’s neighbor
Steve Kazee as Nick Garrett…Carli’s brother
Patrick Fabian as Rob Parker…Carli’s boss and infatuation
Lachlan Buchanan as Scott Mitchell…Carli’s eldest son
Courtney Merritt as Pam Mitchell…Carli’s daughter
Cameron Castaneda as Will Mitchell…Carli’s youngest son
Go ahead, take an hour out of your life to enjoy this new sitcom.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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