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Woolzies Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls Review

I was given the opportunity to see how I like the Eco-Friendly Woolzies XL Dryer Balls.  You ask, what are these? These are 100% wool balls made from pure New Zealand wool – which makes them Eco-friendly. They contain no chemicals, and for those who experience wool sensitivities, there’s no need to worry as these are hypoallergenic. These wool balls are said to accomplish all that conventional fabric softeners do, plus reduce drying time by 25%.

I was sent 6 Woolzie balls. They are easy enough to use – you simply toss them in the dryer with your clothes. I did have a fear of not being able to tolerate the sound of them hitting the dryer drum but the sound wasn’t that bad. This fear was driven from a personal experience of a horrible incident in my life that I will spare you the details of. If you worry about the sound – I can tell you that they aren’t as loud as tennis balls in the dryer hitting the dryer’s drum. The distance from the dryer to where I sit at my desk is approximately 20 feet – if that helps.

Personally, I like the thought of them being eco-friendly; however, I did not notice a huge difference on drying time savings. I can say that they do help with static electricity and clothes came out soft. For those with allergies, or for those who prefer non-scented products, the Woolzies would be a great alternative due to them being hypoallergenic and non-scented.

Woolzies are guaranteed to be effective for at least for at least 1,000 loads of laundry or get your money back. For a set of six balls, priced at roughly $34.00 – that’s getting a lot of bang for your buck at roughly $0.04 cents a load (based on 1000 loads).

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  1. this is cool. can i use other kinds of wool balls?

  2. Eco Friendly, Saves Dryer Time, & Does Not Make Tons Of Noise. Perfect!

  3. I think these Woolzies dryer balls are very effective in getting the clothes dry because it uses 25% less electricity. I like that they are all natural and can really get the lint and keep the static electricity off of my clothes!

  4. I have been looking for these in the store but have not found them. I also entered a few givaways for them but did not win. I hope soon they get to my area because after the reviews I have read I would love to try them Thanks

  5. I have not used the woolzies balls yet because I do not seem to be able to find them in my local stores – I may have to go online to get them. I am all for natural products and anything that can save electricity and time.

  6. I always see woolzies on giveaways and im curious to try them but its noy available here. I wish someone would give a worldwide giveaway.

  7. These sound awesome, I have been trying to win some. Thank you for the review.

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