Nov 082011
Thank you to all of you entered the Be the Teacher’s Pet Giveaway $300 Gift Certificate.  We have a winner!      
Melanie M.

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  1. Winner has the same first name and initial as me what are the odds! I thought I won lol!
    meltheplux at gmail dot com

  2. Who would have ever thought…is right!

  3. What are the chances of the winner having the same first name and last initial? Or…are you the winner (I was given the winner's name to announce by the blogger who headed this giveaway)?

  4. What do you mean?

  5. Confused? LOL…that makes two of us! I was just saying what were the chances of you having the same name and last initial…then it hit me…maybe you were the winner! Guess not though…bummer! Make it a great long weekend!

  6. I'm confused lol but I did not get any email saying I was a winner so I guess I did not win but another Melanie M did 🙂

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