Oct 192011

Werther’s…need I say more?  Okay, yes I must.  I was recently given the opportunity to try products of theirs that I didn’t know existed!  I was sent Werther’s Original Caramel Chocolates; Creamy Caramel Filled Hard Candies and their Chewy Caramels.  I have to tell you, these candies were just yummy – simply yummy!  I happen to love their original hard candy so I wasn’t surprised when I fell in love with these caramels.

Some caramels can be on the gritty side.  I am sure this must be from the sugar not completely converting to a liquid during the cooking process and I have to say – not a texture I like for a caramel.  The Werther’s Caramels weren’t gritty at all.  Their consistency is smooth, creamy and pleasing to the pallet.  The chocolate on the chocolate covered caramels was smooth and creamy as well.

There is no way that I would be able to have these in the house all the time. They are too good to stop at just one!  If you haven’t tried these – pick yourself up a package and let me know what your thoughts are!

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*I received products for the purpose of this review as a Bzzagent.  All opinions are my own.

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