Nov 022013

It can be a challenge to know what direction to go when it comes to developing new technologies for your business. You may need a new website, you may want an app, or you may need something completely different. Fortunately, you have a lot of options and a lot of people who know how to use them. Read on for more information about Java development, PHP development, and .NET development.

Java Development

As opposed to what many people may think, Java is still a widely used platform for development. Designers like to use this platform because you can design a web application and then easily turn it into an application for a mobile device. It uses MVC, or Model View Controller, frameworks. These frameworks make it so that there is a separation between how information is represented and how the user interacts with it. Developers use many tools to create apps with Java, including Wicket, Java Server Faces, Google Web Toolkit, and more. Simply ask professionals about the benefits of using this platform.

PHP Development

PHP development is free software and is used on millions of web servers and hundreds of millions of websites. It is a language used for programming and also for web development. Basically, when the language is written, it gets interpreted by a web server, generating the webpage that you see. It can be used on most web servers and many operating systems. The reason it appeals to people is that most web hosting providers support it. Since the code itself is completely free and accessible, people like to use it to build and customize their websites.

.NET Development

Finally, the .NET Framework helps you build and run applications and web services. The goals of the framework are to keep versions consistent and to prevent the launch of various kinds of software from deploying when you access something. It is meant to integrate with many other types of codes, and it aims to keep the users safe from third-party codes. You can use this framework to develop cloud, desktop, or web-based applications. Depending on your needs, you may want to ask professionals for assistance with .NET development for your business.

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