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It’s summer. It’s hot. It was a great day spent at Water Country! Located in Portsmouth New Hampshire, not far from the NH seacoast, is where you’ll find this gem of a water park. A water park that is celebrating it’s 30th birthday this year (2014) that is up to speed with modern water rides & slides, concessions, cool pools – for fun to be had for everyone, including the flock of seagulls (herring gulls) – an added touch of feeling like you’re at the ocean!

Group of seagulls enjoying the pool

Water Country invited us to be 2014’s Brand Ambassador and we were more than happy to accept.  We were provided the luxury (for us) of having a cabana.  Ours was one that was located above the wave pool that overlooked the Wave Pool.  Being a bright sunny day, the view looking out of the cabana and into the park was gorgeous.

View we experienced in stepping just a few feet outside the cabana. You can see the Wave Pool and a SMALL portion of the park.

There are several cabana options to choose from.  Some have table sets with lounge chairs and others don’t.  Some are larger than others are with smaller tables and chairs.  Some are just a simple little cabana with two lounge chairs.  Regardless of the size and contents, they all overlook the pool or are poolside.  And, one is sure to feel like they are a part of the excitement, while lounging around in style.  The cabanas are a great amenity for those who just want to lounge around or can’t be in the sun – it actually doesn’t matter what the reason is – it is just nice to know that they have a place for those who wish to be shaded comfortably.

Our cabana overlooking the Wave Pool

Part of the luxury of utilizing a cabana is that one can take advantage of ‘Food Service.’  One can consider ‘Food Service’ to be just like having room service at a hotel.  Alternatively, one can actually either bring in their own food and drinks, or you can eat at one of the many food kiosks and stands.

Water Country actually lets you bring food and drink in coolers into the park provided you aren’t bringing in glass containers, alcohol or BBQ items.  There are several picnic areas throughout the water park.  Those are amenities that most parks do not allow/have.

Visitors actually feel safe enough to leave their coolers right at their chosen picnic table.  But visitors beware!  If you’re leaving your food out on the tables or chairs – you could experience thieves of the “feather” kind!  We watched a seagull empty a Goldfish bag.  We watched another help himself to loaves of bread.  They fight each other over their treasures – they don’t fight fair either!  It’s just like seeing them at the ocean.  You’ll find seagulls flying about throughout the park.  They perch above the concession stands.  They walk the cement.  They are fun to watch.

For those valuables that are better off locked up like money, watches, camers, Water Country has lockers you can rent.  They come in two sizes and are priced accordingly.

Water Country has no boundaries to catering to individuals of all ages where rides are concerned.  There are water areas designed just for young children and then there are those rides for the ones who love excitement.  If you’d rather take it slow and easy – there are water rides and slides catering to those individuals.  You’ll see baby boomers experiencing the fun of the rides and lounging about.

This is (below) the Tahiti Tree House.  It’s an area designed for older children (up to 54″).  There’s a lot to do in this area.  There are several slides, fun water guns, sprockets of water that come out of everywhere and see that big cup at the very top?  He fills up with water and once it’s full – he tips over!  A huge splash of water hits those near and far!

For parents whose children are able to play alone on this fabulous water adventure – there are chairs directly across from the Tahiti Hut to sit in.  The chairs aren’t as far away as they appear in the picture – you can rest assured that you can keep a close eye on your kids.

You see that black and purple tubing up on the left?  That is Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror.  Here’s a closer look at that water ride slide:

Now, I went on that once, and you won’t ever find me on it again in this lifetime!  Not being able to see what’s coming ahead – um yes, I’m good on not going there again.  It’s dark in there and it’s raging!  Rather, you’ll see me sitting in one of those lounge chairs basking in the sun long before that will happen again!  That said, the Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror water slide – is a HUGE hit with many.

Myself, I prefer the Adventure River (below).  I could ride around on a tube all day long.  One is not to worry – you will get wet as you travel the river.  There are sprockets of water coming out from the sides of the river walls.  There are falls of water coming down on you as you pass under the bridges.

Here’s another children’s slide – meet Ollie Octopus…younger children seem to enjoy Ollie.  I would have taken advantage of Ollie’s slides, but he doesn’t cater to adults 🙁

Here’s a slide that is quite the trip – it drops pretty much 58′ straight down – Double Geronimo:


Don’t think that Water Country is just for kids, teens, or young adults!  They cater to the parents and grand parents of children.  They have ADA pool lifts for those with disabilities (using the pool lift would mean that either – the individual would need to be able to stand and pivot or they would need to be able to be picked up and placed in the lift.  There is no lift to lift the said individual with the disability out of their chair and into the pool lift).  There are facilities for those who use wheelchairs.

Looking for a group activity?  Water Country welcomes groups!  The day we visited there were groups from several different organizations.  I ran into a woman while waiting for the kids to finish a ride and we got to talking.  She had developmental disabilities and was visiting with a group from Massachusetts.  She was just so happy to be there even though she was allergic to the sun.  She felt the excitement.  She saw the excitement.  She felt the splashes of water from some of the rides.  She was having fun!  Then there were several other groups of children visiting from – I don’t know where – but they surely were having a blast!

The park opens at 10:30 AM and I would highly suggest that you get there close to opening time (There are days when the park’s hours are slightly different.  Be sure to check the calendar prior to heading to the water park).  There’s so much to do and as with any type of amusement park – you can plan on standing in line to get to the top of the ride.  Don’t let this discourage you though – the lines move fast!

Get social with Water Country on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Visit Water Country’s website to learn of all they offer!

**Product/Service was provided to complete this honest review.  All opinions in this post are those of a FCS Team Member


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