Oct 072012

Wall Hanging Fish Bowl Tank  – $18.72 w/free shipping! 

What a great gift for a child or an adult.  Comes with a 4-star rating too 🙂


Wall Mount Hanging Beta Fish Bubble Aquarium Bowl Tank

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  1. Please don’t promote a product that promotes animal cruelty. It’s a cute and unique idea in theory, but in reality no fish, even a Betta, should be kept in anything less than 1 gallon of water. And Bettas (pictured in the tank) in particular need 1 gallon of water, minimum, plus adequate heating and filtration – none of which this tank provides.

    • Correction: while the tank does provide 1 gallon of water, it does not provide any options for heating or filtration. So again, it’s cute and unique in theory, but in practice, not a good idea at all. 🙁

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