Aug 292012

Take advantage of these Vistaprint Back-to-School freebies! All you pay is shipping!

Here’s what the price of shipping is for:

A T-Shirt : $5.52
A Calendar: $5.32
250 Business Cards: $7.09
A Stamp: $7.09
A Tote Bag: $5.52
A Photo Flip Book: $7.09

Suggestions for uses:

T-Shirt – Grandparent’s Day is coming up in Sept.!

The Business Cards are great if you’re a parent of a child in school.  You can hand them out to teachers, other parents, organizations you participate in, and give them to your kids to give to their friends or friend’s parents.

The Calendar – Upload your favorite photos and start the calendar with the month your child starts/started school this year.  Add icons and text to important dates (like your birthday – so no one in the family forgets you) 🙂

The Tote Bag – put a picture of your child on the bag so they know what bag is theirs.  They can use this when they go to friends overnight, for school, for toys, heck – take the bag grocery shopping and each child can carry in the bag that belongs to them – the uses are endless.

The Photo Flip Book – design one with the past years photos to give as a gift – or to put in your child’s Treasure Box (I started one of these almost 15 yrs ago…there’s so much in it!  I know though that my daughter will love it when she gets older…especially when she has children, or I’m no longer with her). THINK Christmas!

And -If you haven’t the need for anything right now – THINK Christmas!  It’s a great, inexpensive way to fill up Christmas Stockings, cross someone off your Christmas list, or fill a birthday present needed a couple months from now.

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