Jan 312012

New members joining sneakpeeq today will receive 2 FREE Friendship Bracelets and $10 credit – a $30 Value free.  The friendship bracelets are beautifully woven, made of genuine leather with sturdy metal links that symbolize the enduring nature of friendships.

Snagging your two FREE Friendship Bracelets is as simple as: (You must snag your bracelets within 14 hours of joining – or you forfeit the bracelets)

1.Become a member of Sneakpeeq by clicking on the pink “sign in” button.

2. After you click on the pink “sign in” button you will see a pop-up from Facebook (It’s the only way you can become a member).

3. Click on the pink “get your reward” button to get your 2 FREE friendship bracelets and Free $10!

4. Spread the joy – Now that you have received your FREE friendship bracelet badge and FREE $10, send your friends a FREE $10 badge! Please limit the sharing to ONLY 3 friends. sneakpeeq is about sharing and giving so spread the joy of FREE $10!

7. Lucky for you, you do not have to pay the $20 because you have received a “Friendship Bracelet Badge” when you joined sneakpeeq! So for you, you will see a price of $0.00, also known as FREE! Click on the pink “buy now” button.

8. You are taken to the Checkout page. Enter your address so we know where to ship your 2 FREE Friendship Bracelets. Then, click on the pink “submit payment” button—once again, there is no payment, because the price is $0.00!

9. Now that you have your 2 FREE friendship bracelets, check out sneakpeeq’s other boutiques. If there is nothing that suits your fancy, go back another day as they have new brands and products everyday (remember you have a $10 free credit)! Check back often because they will reward you just for window shopping! Happy peeqing!

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