Oct 012012

Halloween is coming up very soon!

To honor this day, here’s a Trick or Sweet Giveaway – with there being eleven (11) winners!

Bloggity Blog writes:  Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine. I loved getting dressed up and going  out and getting treats. My mom limited our sugar intake so it was really a treat to be able to go get treats and KEEP Them!

The Prizes:


Family Fun Pack!
Halloween Lawn Ornament!
Angry Bird Snacks
Scooby Doo DVD 3 Pack!
Vampire Dog Movie~ 3 Winners!
The Grand Scream Of Things
Corset Chick Costume!

When I go to Candy.com, the song The Candy Man always pops into my mind. My head spins, there is so many sweet treats! I have sugar plums and dancing fairies in my dreams for days!  You know what? Candy.com the same candy package that they sent me! Woohoo You! To find out more about this giveaway click here!

CorsetChick.com not only offers corset tops, they offer Halloween costumes, lingerie, hosiery, bustiers, and lots more! When I visit CorsetChick.com I know I am going to be there a while because they are the grown up ladies version of candy! They also have plus sizes! I could trick or treat in this store all day long! Read more here!

And don’t think that just because it is a corset company that all they have is sexy costumes (which they do have) I saw accessories and costumes that are cute but don’t show all you own! CorsetChick.com is going to give one of their costumes to one of my readers… defiantly a Sweet! Find out more about this giveaway here!

I am old enough to miss some of the older brands of candy that no longer are on the store shelves; so when I found NostalgicCandy.com and saw some of my favorites I knew that this was the company for me! I know it’s not politically correct, but how many besides me used to get those candy cigarettes? Guess what? They have them there – with all the original brands. It’s like tripping down memory lane when candy bars were a nickle and pop was a dime. It doesn’t matter if your thing is Boston Baked Beans or Candy Buttons – NostalgicCandy.com has it all! NostalgicCandy.com has sponsored a 1960’s 30 piece decade box! This is a Treat! Read more here!

This isn’t a trick. I will be giving away three Vampire Dog! It is available 09/25/2012 Buy it on Amazon! Read my review here!

Join Andy Z and Reggie on their adventure to find Sandy Witch. Read my review here.

To Enter to win  one of the prizes in the Trick or Sweet Giveaway, all you have to do are the easy entries. The rest are optional. Your chances of winning increase with every entry you do!  Open to US only.  Giveaway starts at 12:01 A.M. on 10/01 and ends at 12:01 A.M. 10/16. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I (Bloggity Blog) receive a sample package from candy.com, even so I would never say I liked anything if I did not. The participating bloggers are in no way responsible for delivery of any of the gifts associated with this giveaway.

I want to thank all the wonderful bloggers who are participating in this giveaway, take a moment and visit their sites,and show them some comment love!


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  1. So many great giveaways…Thanks =)

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