Jul 132011

Are you at all familiar with Triberr?  It’s a way to have your blog posts retweeted via Twitter.

Here’s a very short synopsis of how Triberr works:

Simply said:

So what’s it do? (Taken from their website)
Every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will tweet it to their followers. And you do the same for everyone in your tribe.

Who’s in your tribe?  You have to be invited for starters.  So your tribe will consist of whomever is in that person’s tribe.  You then have the ability to create 3 other tribes (Triberr names your tribes for you) that you will lead and there are 7 (free) people in each tribe.
Retweeting blog posts is done automatically by setting Triberr up with your blog’s RSS feed, which go out every 40 minutes via your tribe.
Why Use Triberr? 
  • It’s a form of viral marketing.  Think of it being similar to using Networkedblogs but taken a step further by getting your posts in front of your tribes member’s followers
  • Your tweets are done automatically and will keep your stream active…in turn…increasing your Klout Score
  • People re-tweeting your tweets (helps with the Klout Score)
  • Zero cost to you, unless you choose to use premium features
Interested? Here’s how you start:
  • You need to be invited.  You will receive a Twitter DM which contains an invite code. 
  • To accept the invite, go to Triberr’s website and use the code in the box on their home page.  
  • Set up your account with your blog’s RSS and then set your preferences
  • You now can create 3 tribes of your own. These tribes can’t consist of members of other tribes at first (this is called inbreeding and comes after establishing your tribes)
Can you see benefit of using Triberr?  You have nothing to lose by trying this out…you are always welcome to delete your account. If you are interested DM (direct message) me @fingerclicksave and I will send you an invite.  

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