Feb 272013

Trash Can U Registration is underway.  It’s extremely affordable  and is a combination of many ideas put together in a barrel and laid out to fit every blogger’s needs.  Wondering if blogging is for you?  This may just what you need – you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

What will you find at Trash Can U? 
A live online webinar with many topics and numerous sessions covering the basics for a beginner looking to get started blogging to those who are already blogging and ready to move to the next level.

What makes this conference special? 

This conference offers several never done before options.  Every session is presented twice.

Attendee Information:

Full Conference Pass – $70 Includes:

  • All sessions on every topic
  • Access to all Open Replay Sessions
  • Access to all Self-Paced Sessions

Individual Sessions – 2 Hour Sessions $15  &  1 Hour Sessions $10 Includes:

  • Attending any 1 Session on any 1 Topic except the Beginning Bloggers Session. Attendees who choose this session can attend the session twice.

Self-Paced Sessions – $12 per session Includes

  • Access to any one session on an ongoing basis for 6 months

And if that’s not enough, the speaker’s line-up is EXTRA SPECIAL – head on over {HERE} to meet the experts.

From Start to Finish, we’ve got it all and we are still adding each day!

Beginning Blogging

Introduction: 2 hours

Successful Giveaways: 2 Hours

Intermediate Blogging

Your Blog IS Your Business: 2 Hours

Photo and Image Editing: 1 Hour

Building Brand Relationships: 2 Hours

Paid Content

Reviews, Giveaways, Paid Posts & More: 2 Hours

Build Your Online Presences with Social Media

The Right Kind of Traffic: 1 Hour

Social Media Tips: 1 Hour

Nothing but SEO & Analytics

SEO & Analytics ~ In Action: 2 Hours

Analytics ~ Reporting: 1 Hour

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Introduction: 2 Hours

Work from Home

Virtual Assistants: 2 Hours

How do you get signed up?

You can visit the following link on EventBrite and sign up now.

Each presenter will be running a giveaway for different passes so be sure and follow each of the speakers on Twitter so you don’t miss anything.

Brenda Delawder @mawawsaidso
Britney Boroughs @britneyboroughs
Christina Gleason @wellinthishouse
Drew Bennett @benspark
Jerri Ann Reason @the_Jerri_ann
Joyce Osborn @joyceosborn
Kat Balog @genofsavings
Nichole Gilliland @xxpollypocket
Nicole Rosen @nickelnm
Sadie Lankford @slapdashMom

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