Apr 172012

I’ve been refilling my printer’s ink cartridges for a long time now.  It’s very much a cost saving method compared to purchasing new cartridges every time I run out of ink.  I’ve refilled Lexmar, Brother, Epson and HP printer cartridges with complete success.  One of the kits I use is the one to the right.  One can buy ink for their specific make and model – but since I have more than one printer, I opt for the universal kits. 

Some printer companies have come out with cartridges that idealistically, they were hoping one wouldn’t be able to refill; however someone outsmarted the companies and created a special tool, so that the level of ink can be reset once it has been refilled.  You can either buy the tool or alternatively, buy a new set of generic refillable cartridges for your printer for very little money (I’ve found them on Ebay) and then refill those cartridges.  

I’m forever running out of black ink before any other color is close to running out.  Therefore, I always make sure that I have lots of black ink on hand.  Not only that, but a lot of the new printers won’t operate if one color is out.  This happened with an Epson printer I have – which I refilled and got it humming again, but I didn’t realize that was the reason the darn thing wouldn’t print the first time it happened!

The only drawback I’ve found to refilling the cartridges yourself is that it can be a tad bit messy. Make sure you have paper towels handy. Rubber gloves help save the hands.  Of course, you may be a lot more careful and have a lot more patience than I do for this kind of stuff – thus not making such a mess.  I can live with the mess I create knowing how much money it saves me.

This is the link to the kit I use –  Universal Inkjet Refill Kit Color – 1 kit – $8.58 – A whole lot of bang for the buck 🙂


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  1. Thanks for this great money saving tip. The Universal Inkjet refill will pay for itself many times over. I go thru ink like crazy!

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