Feb 292020

Tips to Remember When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

Shopping for home appliances can often be a very confusing choice. Appliances such as vacuum cleaners are to make your life easier, but they are usually an investment that you would not want to go wrong.

Research and Shortlist

If you are about to buy your very first vacuum cleaner, or if you are upgrading an existing one after a long time, you will surprised and confused by the number of different types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. Many people falsely believe, that at the end of the day, all vacuum cleaners are meant to do is to suck the dirt and use. However, the truth is that the vacuum cleaners are different for a reason. It is important that when you are buying one, you consider a few different factors. You can research vacuum cleaners and shortlist a few that are closest to your requirement. Online shopper’s guidance platforms such as Product advisor are a good opportunity your research purpose.

Flooring Type

Different vacuum cleaners are designed to cater to different types of surfaces.  A vacuum cleaner that is specifically designed to cater to hard wood surfaces might not work as great when used on tiled surfaces. Some vacuum cleaners are multi-purpose and can handle different types of surfaces while others cannot. Consider what types of surfaces you will be cleaning when making your pick.

Area Covered 

Some people need vacuum cleaners for either very large houses or multi story houses. Buying a vacuum cleaner for a double story house would mean that you will have to carry your machine up the staircases. The traditional canister style vacuum cleaners are bulkier to carry and therefore it could be frustrating to carry it up and down every time you use the vacuum cleaner. In that case a vacuum with a less bulky hull would be a better choice. Likewise, if you need one for smaller spaces or nooks and corners, a stick vacuum cleaner is a better pick.


Different types of vacuum cleaner have different design technology and therefore require different maintenance protocols. You need to assess them individually to figure out which one suits you best. Some vacuum cleaners are bagless and do not require emptying bags. Cleaners with bags and bins need to be emptied and washed. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters need their filters to be replaced periodically for optimal functionality. The brooms and brushes need to be cleaned of hair, dust or any residue that is left behind on the bristles.

Noise Levels

Typically, noise levels are dependant on the size of vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners with larger hulls and motors tend to make more noise than smaller equipment. That being said, there are some latest models available where the large vacuum cleaners are equipped with insulated motors for quieter usage in offices, commercial spaces etc.

Your Preferences

Think about what you personally need in a vacuum.  Do you need a headlight?  A long cord?  A cord that automatically winds back into the machine?  An adjustable handle?  One that has the ability to remove the hose from the vac to do stairs? All this matters, though finding some of these amenities may be difficult.

I hope you find these tips to remember when buying a vacuum helpful. Whatever you do – I wouldn’t compromise my budget on a vacuum that is going to blow the budget – that’s not saving in the end.

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  1. Great things to think about when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. When I recently purchased a vacuum cleaner I got one the was good for carpeting and hardwood floors.

  2. These are very good tips on things to remember when buying a vacuum cleaner, thank you so much for sharing! I personally love having a powerful yet lightweight vacumn, no cord is always a big plus.

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