Sep 152012

Let’s start a Thank You Revolution with a deal from Tiny Prints. 

Tiny Prints is offering 10 free Thank You Cards for the price of shipping only.  Shipping can be as low as .35 cents per card!  You can’t even get that price at a dollar store, and certainly the cards won’t be personalized by you!

“Thank you.”  These two words aren’t said often enough. Tiny Prints is out to change that.  Everyone loves to hear the words thank you.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s your mom, dad, child, co-worker, boss, employee, grandparents, teachers – the list is endless.

Until 09/19/12, you can get 10 FREE thank you cards from Tiny Prints. All you pay is shipping (as low as $3.50).

Customized and personalized the cards to your tastes. Choose from thousands of designs, add pictures, change the text, the fonts, the colors. You get to make these cards uniquely you.

To snag your free cards simply:

  • Design your card
  • Use the promo code FREETHANKS when you check out.
  • Pay the shipping
  • Tiny Prints will send the 10 cards right away.  Then…it’s up to you to use them!

Visit Tiny Prints now to take advantage of this incredible deal.  Deal expires 09/19/12

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