May 222013

My in-laws own two timeshares, one in New Hampshire and one in Las Vegas. Although they don’t frequent the one in Las Vegas often enough (they rent it out); they do frequent the New Hampshire timeshares quite often. They are older and love to get in the hot tubs. I have often wondered though if they would really benefit from having a hot tub right at home. I can see where if they had their own hot tub they could save a lot of money on gas and wear and tear on their vehicle just to visit the timeshares for simply using the hot tubs throughout the year (an amenity). The drawback to having one at home though – is that they would then be responsible for all the upkeep.

I did some research to find out exactly what the upkeep would entail. Wow – is all that I can say. I knew that some types of chlorine were used to treat the water; but didn’t realize that there was a whole line of spa chemicals needed to keep a hot tub running at its optimum level. I added up the cost of the hot tub, the hot tub filter, the spa chemicals along with one of the many choices of hot tub covers – you’re talking a lot of money to keep that hot tub running. Oh – that’s not even counting the electricity (hot tub covers do help) or the time involved.

I suppose for them, since they are paying yearly maintenance fees for each of the timeshares, and they aren’t all that far away from their home, for now it would be best for them to not spent the money on the expenses of a hot tub and hot tub supplies needed for it. Maybe in years to come – they will sell the timeshares and then could put that money towards having one out their bedroom door.

If you’d be so kind – could you please tweet this? I love to hear what others have for opinions on owning a hot tub.

Author: Lilybug

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