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Have you ever thought about what the value of your body in dollars is?  That ear?  The maximum price for a average person’s ear in the US is $76,100.

Astonishingly, the total value of your body is approximately, $2,651.897, according to this infographic by a Worker’s Compensation law firm.

The infographic breaks down the value of each of your body parts.  Some of the parts are valued from the aspect of the black market value…just imagine what the value would be if they weren’t.  For instance, the black market value for kidneys are $524,000 and $3,391 for a heart.

Why would you want to know this information? 

Accidents happen every day.  People lose fingers using power tools.  Not too long ago, a guy I went to school with was killed in a forklift accident at work.  My brother-in-law was accidentally burned on the job where welding was going on.  Those working with chemicals can find themselves in a situation where the chemicals get into their eyes or burn their skin.

For Employees

Luckily in the US there are laws in place where business owners need to pay into a Worker’s Compensation fund.  If you’re hurt on the job, you seriously need to file a claim to protect yourself.  One never knows if that simple cut will turn into more.  Worker’s Comp, if a valid claim is filed, usually pays for medical expenses.  It will also pay for loss of time at work so that you don’t have to dip into your earned time (assuming you’ve been employed by the company long enough).

What do you do when you’re not getting the results needed from worker’s compensation?  That’s when you’d hire an attorney…one that specializes in Worker’s Compensation cases.  You have that right.

Do You Have a Home Business? 

It may behoove you to add worker’s compensation to your insurance policy in the event a customer were to come to your home and get injured.  A homeowner’s policy isn’t going to pay out if they know you’re running a business out of your home, unless you have a specific rider on your policy that allows that.

What if You Don’t Work?

How do you protect yourself if you were to lose a limb?  A digit?  Fortunately, there are Accident Death and Disbursement policies available to purchase.

Regardless of the value of your body – you only get one body with its entire body parts – in this lifetime.  It’s up to you to take care of it whether it be due to illness or injury.

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