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DeodoMom Cream

I’ve been a skeptic for a long time on all natural deodorants working, but I am not any longer.  After trying DeodoMom Cream – an all natural deodorant found at 30SomeWeeks.com – I’m now a believer that they are just as effective as commercial deodorant/antiperspirants.

Prior to agreeing to review the DeodoMom Cream, I went to their website to learn what the product was about.  I learned the product contains:

  • 0% aluminum, alcohol/glycol
  • 0% fragrance, dye, parabens
  • 100% vegan

The fact alone that there is no aluminum in the product is huge in my eyes (I explain why below).  The product contains only 2 ingredients.  One is Magnesium hydroxide – a mineral safe enough to eat.  And the other is water.  And, although this product was originally manufactured with the pregnant woman in mind, and which I am not, I agreed to do the review for a couple of reasons:

  1. The product is suitable for any health-conscious person regardless of age or gender.
  2. I had never tried an all natural deodorant in fear that it may not live up to the expectations of the traditional store bought aluminum-based antiperspirants I have used for a good 40 years now.

I was sent two forms of the product.  One was a jar of cream, and the other, a roll-on.  I tried both forms.  Not only did I try the DeodoMom Cream my daughter did too.  I preferred the roll-on to the cream, not because one worked better than the other did, but because I find the roll-on more convenient, as did my daughter.  Now mind you, she’s 15 and her only complaint, “it took too long to dry.”  Keep in mind – drying time is not something she and I are used to – we use the solid forms of antiperspirants and have for years.  That said, I, too, found that to be the case with both the cream and the roll-on; however – if you use a hair dryer – the drying time is cut to much less than a minute.  Yes, some may not like that it doesn’t dry fast, but if you ask me – that’s a tolerable drawback when one has the piece of mind that they are doing good for their body.  Once the product was dry, my underarms felt silky soft with no stickiness.

Is DeodoMom Cream Effective?

You ask, “How effective is the product?”  I felt the product was very effective against odor and wetness, and here’s why:

One day I was cleaning and someone had turned up the heat, and I mean turned up the heat, without my knowing.  I simply thought I was having a hot flash of some sorts; I was sweating like crazy.  I could feel wetness on my back, sweat was pouring off my face and the back of my neck – I was seriously sweating – which I don’t do very often.  I tend to get clammy over sweating and they both are an awful feeling for me.  That said, there were no signs of wetness under my armpits during this sweating episode.  Later, I took a whiff of my pits to see if there was any odor from all that sweating – none.  My armpits smelled as good as when I first put the product on.

Did you know?

Deodorants contain ingredients that stop the stench caused by bacteria under the pits.  They often contain a perfume that not only smells good, but also masks the smell.

An antiperspirant has an aluminum compound, usually aluminum chloride, which is to stop one from sweating by plugging the sweat glands.

An antiperspirant deodorant is a combination of the above two and does a great job at leaving one feeling confident that their shirts will be wet-free and their pits won’t stink.

Why would you want to use an all-natural deodorant?

For quite some time now, there has been talk about the ingredient aluminum (the metal in the compound) found in antiperspirants, as playing a role in developing breast cancer.  The theory is – since sweating helps release toxins from the body that the kidneys don’t and an antiperspirant plugs the sweat glands under the armpits – the toxins become trapped.  When the toxins become trapped, they find their way to the lymph nodes and a series of events takes place within the body that leads to breast cancer.  The breasts are targeted because they are so close to the armpits.  In fact, we actually have breast tissue right below our armpits.  In addition of the concern of aluminum causing breast cancer, there is the concern for aluminum toxicity with the use of antiperspirants being a contributing factor to the aluminum toxicity.

You have to admit – this theory makes a lot of sense especially where it’s not just women who get breast cancer, but men too.  And, when you think about how chemicals seep into our bodies through the use of them (cleaners, perfumes, etc) – what makes one think the chemicals/ingredients in antiperspirants don’t as well?

If you were looking to try an all natural deodorant, I would certainly recommend the DeodoMom Cream.  My experience with the product was very positive.  Visit 30SomeWeeks.com – you’ll find valuable information on their products, including their all natural soap, as well as information on aluminum toxicity.  Follow them along on Facebook.  Their Facebook page has a lot of posts from real people like you and me, who express their love for the DeodoMom Cream – including men.


Thanks to the generosity of 30SomeWeeks.com, they want five (5) of you fabulous readers of Finger Click Saver’s to experience their all-natural deodorant, the DeodoMom cream for yourself.  Winners get to choose from the roll-on or the cream.  Entry is simple Rafflecopter powered.

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  1. I’ve never tried any of the all natural versions. I’m very interested in giving this a try!

  2. I’ve tried Kiss My Face and Tom’s and both work as good as conventional deodorants. I’ve also tried some natural ones that don’t.

  3. I’ve never tried any all natural deoderant. I would like to give some a try!

  4. I have never tried a natural deodorant.

  5. I’ve not tried any all natural deodorants – this would be my first if I were to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I haven’t tried any yet.

  7. i have tried the salt crystals and really was not happy with it.

  8. i havent tried any yet

  9. no ive never tried them before

  10. I’ve never tried one, but I’m curious to see if it will work for me. Thanks! hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com

  11. no never has tried any

  12. i havent tried all natural deodrant

  13. I have tried a few and I liked them.

  14. Natural is the way to go! I used to use toms of Maine until I realized they put propolyne glycol in their products! I now use Jasons and it works great! I would love to try a new product though! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  15. I’ve tried several all natural products. I suffer from allergies and I find that most natural product are ones I don’t have to worry about. My personal favorite right now is TOMS toothpaste (Fennel)! I do not have a deodorant but would love to try some.

  16. Funny thing, I’m always trying new things, and I’m terrible at remembering the names for things, but I know I’ve tried Tom’s Deodorant, and was satisfied! I pretty much buy something different every time…

  17. I just tried the toms of Maine naturally dry, and I was disappointed.

  18. I tried the crystal and it helped a little but I need more coverage.

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