Jan 142013

What is your organizational style?  Take the quiz to find out.  You’ll also get Post-it Coupons at the end.

I’d love to have you come back to tell me what your organizing style is 🙂

  3 Responses to “Take the Organizing Quiz to Get Post-it Coupons”

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    • Very Cool 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

      • I just took the quiz too. I am an improvisor as well 🙂

        You’re a master at getting things done, often just under the wire. You do your best when your things are out and within reach, but that creates more clutter than you’d like people to see.

        I would have to agree with this 100%! I also have to have it so things aren’t out of sight – because once they are, they are definitely out of my mind for the most part 🙁

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