Aug 312013

Preparing to head back to school is always a chore in itself whether or not you’re the student.  Parents have to worry about getting all the necessary supplies each child needs, and most times that includes new school clothes.  And of course, we can’t forget the school snacks and if lunches are packed – what will they consist of?  And for some kids tutors need to be sought after.

My student is never prepared for the first day of school.  I can’t say that is all her fault.  If we don’t have the list of supplies needed for each class until she gets home on the first day of school – it’s rather hard to be prepared.  We usually are all set as far as clothing and snacks are concerned though.

Are you wondering where you are at for being prepared for heading back to school this year?  Ashley Tutors has put together a fun short nine-question quiz to see where you are at for this back to school season.  Based on what I answered on my student’s behalf, the results of the quiz were she “needs a few more weeks of summer.”

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