Apr 022011
I have been a member of Global Opinion Panels for many years now.  By far, this is my favorite survey site where one earn points which are then redeemed for prizes or cash.  When you register to complete their surveys you are also entered into a prize drawing of 200 prizes (cash) each month.  I’ve have nearly enough points to cash out for a $25 cash reward; however, one can cash out a $5 cash reward with a mere 5000 points. I’ve also been sent many products to test out then fill out a survey on my opinion of the product.  

There are other sites I like too but some really irritate me.  For instance, the ones who ask me all these questions then tell me I don’t qualify for the survey.  My time is valuable and should they lead me on by having me answering many questions (some which I can tell have nothing to do with the survey at hand), then I should get to be able to complete the survey, and not answer questions for their benefit.  I also hate the survey sites that ask me questions, tell me I qualify, and then repeat the same questions once I get into the survey. DRIVES me NUTS!  
You are welcome to join here

Another favorite of mine is Pine cone Research; however, they don’t take applications on a regular basis.  Next time I get an email as to when they are recruiting I will post the information.  They pay $3 for each survey completed via PayPal.  The only ones you won’t get paid for are the ones that state “household questions.” 

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