Jan 032012
This guest post from Werner Rogers

Starting over when dad passed was tough but I had something else to worry about: keeping the general store open. He’d passed it down to me in the will because he knew I was smart and could handle it but at the end of the day I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I had to learn things about a bank-card-processing account and talk to an attorney about setting up an LLC and I had to overhaul all the books because dad hadn’t been doing the best job of keeping records. I wanted to get the store into the 21st century and make it work – we were on the brink of having to close the doors – and two years later I think I’ve done it. We’re more stable now than ever before and things are really looking up for our general store. There’s nothing I can say but you’ve got to do what you love and try your best at it – that’s the lesson dad taught me and I strive to live it out every day!

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