Mar 162013
horned pout

Well, it sort of is in the air.  Daylight savings signifies that we will have days with longer daylight hours but Mother Nature doesn’t quite agree in New England that it means springtime.  Regardless, I get very excited when daylight savings occurs in the spring even though we still have snowstorms.  Warmer days will appear shortly, melting all the snow and warming up the air, and then come the end of April, I will go digging in my compost pile for worms and head out fishing.

Sink full of horned pout

I love to fish but only for trout and horned pout.  Horned pouting is actually my favorite of the two.  As you can see from the picture – I have no problem catching horned pout.  That type of fishing is done in the darkness of the night.  They tend to start biting shortly after dusk sets in and will bit all through the night.

Trout fishing is only allowed from dawn to dusk where I live.  I kind of have a case of the butt with trout these days.  It seems as though that they simply don’t want to let me catch them.  The past two years – I didn’t catch a one!  This year though, that is going to change – it has to!  I can’t let my fifteen year old outdo her mother another year.  That just can’t happen.

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  1. My husband and I used to trout fish all the time in norther Ontario – you’ve inspired me to get my husband to consider doing it once again this year!

  2. Looks like so much fun, around here cat fish are the big biters at night with bass,bream,crappie for the daylight hours. I am one of the strang old granmas that could sit on the bank fishing all night I dont even care if I catch anything it is just the beauty and the peace that I enjoy

    • Oh Brenda! We have lots of Bass too – just not my favorite to fish for, but I certainly love watching them at dusk when they jump out of the water for bugs. The beauty and peace that you speak of, is very relaxing. Hearing the frogs and crickets chirp whilst the moon shines bright – very relaxing 🙂

  3. Good luck! I’m looking forward to fishing weather as well.

  4. Love fishing, relaxing, but I usually get my fish from the store, cause the money I spend on bait, goes to feeding the fish…lol

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