Jan 132011

Calendar Super Sale @ Snapfish.

  • Save 50% AND get free shipping! 
  • Use code LASTCALL at checkout by January 17
  • Start with any month you wish when creating your calendar
  • Many options to chose from

What’s so great about photo calendars?  Well, they are at minimum, dual-purpose photos.  First, you get to enjoy the calendar.  Then when all is said and done you can either store these away in a memory box or cut the pages off with the photos and insert them into a scrapbook or picture frames.  The picture frame option is nice because you can make a collage from the photos and remember how you originally obtained the photo whether it was for yourself, or if it was a gift.

The square calendar shown above sells for $24.00 minus 50% = $12.00.  Click-thru cashbaq.com   to receive 10% back on your purchase….final price $10.80 (if you haven’t an account with cashbaq, sign up and you’ll received $5 sign on bonus) this would bring the purchase price for a custom photo calendar to $5.80!  What a nice gift :-).

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  1. Nice deal. You can actually get up to 15% cash back according to cashreporter.com:


  2. Anonymous,
    Thank you for your post. I learned something today…something I wish I knew about a long time ago. The site you mention includes credit card rewards. There are so many cards out there now that it's hard to keep track of each one…so I ignored credit card cash back shopping a long time ago. Of course, if you go the credit card route, it would only be to ones advantage if the balance would be paid off each month. It looks as though Discover has a really good payout for several merchants…I might just have to get a Discover Card! Thanks for sharing:-)

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