May 312012

Six customizable Father’s Day gifts for under $5 at Vistaprint.

  • Coffee Mug -Upload your favorite photos of your husband and children onto a mug for just $2.99.
  • Mouse pads make a great desk accessory – find fun designs for $3.99. 
  • Create a memory book for dad with photos from years past for $4.
  • Create a personalized $5 T-shirt
  • desk calendar at $2.99

Plus, all the photos you upload will be saved in your Vistaprint account. Add an engraved to the mix for just $4 and you will have the ultimate desk-kit to give to dad! All these reminders will keep him company at work – day after day.

Shipping Rates:
  • – T-Shirts: $5.52
  • – Mug: $7.09
  • – Mouse Pad: $5.52
  • – Flip book: $7.30
  • – Pen: $5.52
  • – Desk Calendar: $7.27


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