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Shutterfly Yearbooks – New for 2013 – New Style and Online Ordering for Parents

!  Were you aware these are available to anyone and not just schools or other entities?   They are a great way to capture your child’s year in review whether it be your child attends a daycare, is home with you, goes to school, or even maybe participates in a sporting event.  They are simply a great way to capture what has taken place in a years time.  I really wish these were available when my daughter was small.  Someday, I am hoping to get all her pictures in order and order yearbooks for her.

New this year,  parents now have the ability to order online!  In addition, there is a new photobook style – Best in Class – take a look:

Shutterfly wants to make it easy for you.  The links below will help you in getting together what you need to make your yearbooks happen…take a look (clickable links):

With all their helpful hints and tips – you’ll be able to put together a quality yearbook.  I can say that their photobooks, in general, are a great value.  I have a couple that I put together for my daughter that highlight a special event in her life – like her 8th Grade Class Trip.  She loves it!  Really, there is something to be said about having pictures in hand opposed to being on the computer.

Just for You:

In celebration of Shutterfly’s new yearbook style (Best in Class) and parents now being able to order online – Shutterfly is sponsoring a photobook giveaway for my readers.  One winner will win an 8×8 – 20 page hardcover photobook plus US standard shipping promo code (expires 4/31/2013).

Entering is simple – Rafflecopter powered.  Giveaway will run from 03/07/2013 @ 5am thru 03/19/2013 @ 12:00 am.  Good Luck!

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  1. I have always wanted to use some of my own photography to make a coffee table book! This would be great for my daughter. She will be graduating from college this year. I would love to surprise her with this!

  2. I like to look at photos on computer

  3. Yes, and I have lost photos when hard drives crash debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  4. I like to have them on hand. My 2 yo loves to sit and look at photos

  5. I do one large photobook every dec of our family for that year. I love photo books!

    • Oh – you are too good! I need to get myself organized like you are 🙂

      • It’s actually really easy. I have a folder on my desktop labeled with the year then insider I have folders labeled jan-dec. Once I take photos off my memory card I just put them in the month they go in. Simple! Then come dec. my photo book is super easy to do! I’ve only done this 2 years (this dec) will be my third. I’m 27 and have a 5yr old 2 yr old and then my hubby and the books become more fun every year! Get organized, you can do it! And it is SO worth it! To have those memories 🙂

  6. i love pictures in hand and albums and hanging them around. I’ve been behind on getting them printed though so this would definitely come in handy

  7. I do prefer to have them on hand but I rarely go and get them printed off my camera like I should 🙁

    • Me either Shelly. I just started getting photobooks of special things. My goal is to get the past 15 yrs. into either photo books or at least prints.

  8. both

  9. yes I do…my dad passed away a year ago and I would love to make a book and dedicate it to him.

  10. yes i even scrapbook

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