Jan 192013

If you’re going to shop – choose the best January Stores

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I love to shop online!  Online shopping rocks over shopping at brick and mortar stores (in my opinion) – any day.  By far, I get the best deals online over shopping at a brick and mortar store, where I can’t take advantage of cash back sites nor can I use promo codes.  Yes, I may have to pay shipping (not always) but if I go to the store – I’d be using gas and putting wear and tear on my car anyway.

I find shopping online is most beneficial in December with January being second.  I have a folder in my bookmarks bar of the best January stores to shop (December’s too).  Most stores offer great deals with awesome promo codes during these months.  I imagine this is because they really want to bring in the spring items but still need to clear their winter inventory, although, if you notice, by the end of January spring items are already available for purchasing.

It’s funny how stores have changed their ways by selling items before the end of one season isn’t even close to ending…don’t you think?  When I was much younger, stores didn’t bring out the next season’s product line until the end of the current season.  Now, stores are pushing the next season’s product line well before the current season is halfway over.  Even school clothes come out in July rather than August.  Christmas items can be found in October.  Clothing for spring comes out in January.  I just got an email promoting patio furniture and being ready for spring.  Really?  We have a crap load of snow, an arctic freeze coming in the next few days and I’m really going to think about buying patio furniture?  I’d much rather put my money towards tangible items I need right now, such as sneakers.

Anyway, should online retailers want to provide me with the means of saving a lot of money by shopping their site – I’m all for it.  I’ll buy necessities. I’ll stock up on beauty supplies for my daughter (very seldom can I be bothered putting on makeup).  I’ll even begin this year’s Christmas shopping now.  Of course, it’s never a deal if you have to charge the purchase and don’t intend on paying the credit card balance off right away.

So, if you’re in the mood to shop and can afford to shop now, make sure you hit the cash back sites, find the best promo code out there, hit the clearance tabs on websites, use your payment options to your advantage and enjoy the savings.

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