Feb 232012
Money isn’t cheap you know and that’s why we try to save whenever and wherever we can. When I need to purchase something I always do my research first online. I look for the product I want by first reading all the reviews and taking into consideration that some reviews written might actually be for the wrong product they are under. In addition, consumers need to remember that some of the reviews they read have been written by individuals who have been paid to write that review. It’s important to consider that factor and the fact if the person who wrote the review wrote it for the right product where there are so many models of the very same product. However home products aren’t the only items you should shop around for.

The same holds true when you’re searching for mortgages. You want to get the most bang for you buck – so why wouldn’t you find the best mortgage deals? I would even say it’s more important to shop around for a mortgage loan. Those loans usually run 15-32 yrs now. A saving of .25 could add up to a lot of money over the term of that loan.

Also – say you are in need of a new vehicle. Shop around at all your local dealerships online to view their inventory also looking at what they are offering for financing.  Just because they offer you financing doesn’t mean you have to finance through them though. You want to get the best bang for your buck, so don’t be afraid to shop other online financial institutions to see what their rates are. I did just this when I needed a new vehicle and it paid off. I was able to tell the finance guy that I knew I could get a better finance rate through xyz online. He tried to convince me .25% or 1% wouldn’t make that much of a difference in my loan payment. Well – that’s not the point. That 1% over 5 yrs. is money that could be in my pocket…not the financial institutions. I could care less if this meant it was only $200 or $1000 over the term of the loan.  Remember – money isn’t cheap and it’s better in your pocket then in theirs!

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