Apr 282012

Saving and convenience met ‘big’ on this purchase!  My daughter has needed a new comforter set for her room for quite some time now.  What a job it was to find one that ‘she’ liked that went with the colors in her room (I liked it better when the choice was mine).  I already told her that I was not repainting again nor was I going to buy new curtains.  After months of searching, she decided she liked this set she found at Kohls.com about a week ago:

After seeing the price – I told her I would not be paying a hundred dollars for a comforter alone.  That was not happening given the amount of time it will be in her room. She will outgrow it in say what -two years? Needless to say we are spring cleaning, purging, and rearranging her room and I just couldn’t stand looking at what she now has on her bed  because of where the bed is now.

That’s what led me to Kohls.com tonight – I wanted to see if the bedding, by any chance was on sale.  Guess what???!!! It was and not only that – I found a 20% coupon code and Shop at Home was offering 8% cash back.  Plus for every $50 spent, Kohl’s was giving $10 Kohl’s Cash.  Shipping was free because of the order being over $75.00.

Check out the savings:


This is a savings of 60% off the regular price and that doesn’t count the $10 Kohl’s Cash and what I will get for points on my cards.  It also doesn’t count the gas and wear and tear on my vehicle to go to the brick and mortar store.  This is definitely a purchase where saving and convenience met!  I can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂

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