Feb 282018

Scrigit Pack and $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – US & Canada


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Here’s a crafty little tool to make your life simpler.  Ever gone to bed with dinner dishes piled high and leftovers on the stove?  Have you ever had the brilliant idea to have a craft night without putting craft paper down? Ever had that bit of dried paint stuck on your window that just won’t budge? Beth says a hearty YES to all of the above! She has scraped with my nubby little fingernails until the nubs were even gone. The nubs were gone but that dried on spaghetti was hanging on like a champ! No more! Scrigit is here to save the day (and her nails!)

You may be wondering, “what is a Scrigit”, glad you asked! Go HERE to read Powered by Mom writer, Beth’s review, to get the 411!

About Scrigit:

The Scrigit Scraper is a handy cleaning tool that provides a quick, safe and convenient way to remove small amounts of unwanted substances from household and automotive surfaces. It was developed to fill a large gap in the current market for cleaning tools. There is often a need to quickly clean small spots of unwanted substances or reach into edges, grooves and other tight spaces without damaging the surface being cleaned. Existing scrapers are often too large or have metal blades that could damage many surfaces.

The Scrigit name is meant to be a fun and distinctive word that comes from the shortening of scraper and digit (another name for a finger). The name is pronounced the same as digit and widget.

One very lucky reader is going to win their very own Scrigit Scraper AND a $25 Amazon Gift Card

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  1. I would use a Scripet Scraper in many ways, but scraping the spaghetti off the plate certainly would be one of them!.

  2. I’d use it to clean our craft table and much more.

  3. I will use it to scrape the residue from my mug cakes before hand washing it.

  4. What an awesome little product, which I can get so much use out of. I would use this for my garage area, my craft room and my office! I’ll also be doing some remodeling soon, so I know I will get plenty of use!

  5. I would use it to scrape dishes, toothpaste off the faucet in my son’s bathroom and basically model car glue and other things my son has put together in his room. This should come in handy on cleaning day and anytime I walk in my son’s room!

  6. very useful and easy o use. i would use it in the kitchen on counters or in the garage on the counters when my husband is finished making a mess ?

  7. I will be using my Scrigit in the kitchen to do some detailing of my mugs, plates and utensils.

  8. the kitchen plus where ever it is needed

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