Apr 062011
Have you ever wanted to copy a restaurants recipe at home?  My daughter and I made the Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls a couple of years ago, and they came out just like Cinnabon’s.  Absolutely delicious! Here’a a free eCookbook you can grab that has a total of 17 copycat recipes for Chili’s, Olive Garden, and Cracker Barrel, to name a few.  Click Here

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  1. Oh, doesn't that look like a fun cookbook? Thank you for sharing.
    Stopping back to follow you as well.

  2. Hi, I saw your blog post title on the Luv Comments over at One Mixed Bag and just HAD to check it out. I love making restaurant recipes at home, its fun to know I can do it for 1/2 or more of the price they charge!! I am a new follower and look forward to more fun stuff. 🙂 Hope your day is going great.

  3. My mother would love this cookbook! Thanks for sharing!

    Newly following through the Mid Week Mingle.

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  4. Hello! I am a new GFC follower from the blog hop! So nice to [virtually] meet you! 🙂

    I'd be thrilled if you came by to follow-back. I'd be even happier if you entered my current giveaway for some fabulous products from Eco Ellie's! I have very low entries right now so you're likely to win if you enter!

  5. I am new and following you from Thursday's Blog Hop. I would love it if you followed me 🙂

  6. Hi! Following you back! Thanks for the follow! I am definitely checking out your giveaway!!

    Thanks again!


  7. Hello, thanks for following Money Savvy Mama, now following you back.

    Have a great day!


  8. i am afraid that if i make these that i will eat them all! xo, shari

    btw, be sure to add your blog to this week's BLOG HOP @ http://www.spearmintbaby.com/2011/03/blogging-101_06.html

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