Mar 102012

Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

I am the type of person who gets bored easily. Call it ADD or whatever you want, but I cannot stand to be idle for even one minute. Thanks to mobile broadband internet, I never have to be without the internet. Recently, one of my friends turned me on to the website called Reddit. Reddit is a site where users can submit content and have it voted on. The users can upvote you or downvote you depending on whether or not they like your content. You get plus one for positive upvotes and negative one point for downvotes. These points are then totaled up to determine your “karma” score that can be viewed by other users. Karma in this sense is not really worth anything, it just lets other users know how popular you are. The difference between your up and down votes also factor into how far up the page your content is pushed. Items receiving more upvotes will be viewed by more people as they appear closer to the all important “front page”. It is a really interesting idea that allows funny or interesting articles to be voted on by your peers.

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