Jun 302012
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There are so many websites that now have their own browser add-ons for when shopping online. That being said, have you heard of Price Blink?  They too, have their own browser add-on to help you get the best possible price for what you’re looking to buy online.  I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and consistently when I shop online, their add-on loads with any coupons or promo codes I will find on that site without crashing or being invasive.  In addition – this browser add-on will let you know if you can find the item you’re shopping for cheaper on another online retailer!  If you’re a frugal shopper, then this add-on will save you lots of time!

I know you’re saying – why would I want another shopping browser add-on?  I’ll tell you why – you want to get the best deal possible!  Did you know, that often times the websites with browser add-ons as such, have their own coupon and promo codes specifically related to their site?  What this means is that you can find a coupon or promo code that you’ll only find on their site.  This is why I have many shopping browser add-ons.  When I am not in need of using them – I simply disable them and when I do need them, I will enable them just while I shop.

As far as Price Blink’s browser add-on I did not find it to be invasive at all.  If I am not interested in seeing any deals on a site I am on, I simply close out the add-on using the little ‘x’ at the top right of the add-on.  In addition, one can ‘hide’ coupons for any merchant they choose.  And then again, if you know of a promo or coupon code that’s not listed on their site, Price Blink invites you to add it.

Click to enlarge – you will see how you click on the ‘down’ arrow to view all the options the add-on has.

This picture shows you how you can get alerts delivered to your inbox for coupons as they become available for a store. This is nice as you don’t have to spend time searching for the coupon codes or promo codes.

Why not give Priceblink a try?  The browser add-on is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and the iPad!  Lifehacker called PriceBlink one of their Top 10 Must-Have Browser Extensions and is certified by Softpedia to be 100% clean.

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