Oct 032011
When I heard I was selected to review this product…I was all to excited as it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Prefense Foaming Hand Sanitizer has won me over and my 13 yr. old daughter too!

You see, school started back up about a month ago, and my daughter has another teacher this year who insists on all the kids using a hand sanitizer as they walk through her classroom door.  The problem with this – the back of my daughter’s hands become so red raw from using these sanitizers.  I told my daughter to ask this teacher if she could use the Prefense. The teacher told her it was okay, and after using the Prefense for the past three weeks, my daughter’s hands are still free from being red raw; unlike other hand sanitizers, which leave her skin red raw in a week or so.  I feel it’s safe to assume the alcohol in the other sanitizers (up to 62%) were the cause of the red raw hands.

Let’s look at what Prefense is all about:  {Read More and Enter the Giveaway}

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