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Poland Spring Direct

Do you receive bottled water delivery? I hadn’t until recently and was very impressed with the service Polan

d Spring Direct Home Delivery Service offers. To facilitate a review of Poland Spring Direct Home Delivery Service, I took part in receiving two months free of their home delivery service, which actually ended up as three months as being a BZZAgent.

I opted to receive two shipments consisting of 4 cases of Poland Spring Natural Spring Water, and either a case of Poland Spring Nature’s Blends Acai Grape, or Tradewinds Lemonade Tea or Tradewinds Lemon Tea. I also was thrown a bottle of Tradewinds Sweet Tea to try (umm) . Alternatively, I could have had the water cooler and gotten the 5 gallon bottles of their water delivered.  All the beverages I received were a quality product.  They all had a great taste and not a one of the bottles, cans, or cases, were damaged.

Their bottled water which comes in several different flavors, as well as being carbonated or non-carbonated, is a well-established product. However, there are so many other products one can order on the Poland Spring Direct website. If you’re into sparkling fruit beverages, Arnold Palmer’s Half Lemonade and Half Tea, cocoa, coffee capsules, green teas, flavored teas, Arizona brand beverages and more – you’ll find quite the selection on their website that you can have delivered right to your door. I actually chose to receive a delivery of Arnold Palmer’s half-and-half Tea for my third delivery. That beverage just happens to be a favorite of my daughter’s and she had no idea that I ordered it.  She was at school when the delivery arrived and when she got home and saw the cases sitting in the entry way – she took the cases right to her room!  Someone want to tell me how that works?

1 of 3 Deliveries

Delivery set up is very easy! One sets up an account and you’ll be given a delivery date. Should that date not work for you, simply log in to the website and change the date. I didn’t try changing my delivery date at all; but I can tell you, the delivery driver faithfully stopped at my home on the delivery dates I was given, during the time frame I was given, and brought the delivery right to my door.  That’s a whole lot easier than having to lug water from the car into the house – wouldn’t you agree?  In addition, it wasn’t necessary for me to be home for me to accept the deliveries but I was.  I can say that the delivery man was a pleasure to deal with – which for me, that speaks volumes!

There are several options to choose from when it comes to setting up deliveries. In the end, I decided to stay on with Poland Spring Direct Home Delivery Service as a ‘will call’ customer. What this means is that I will either go online and place an order of my liking, or I can call their toll free number to place my order – when I am ready to order again.

I actually spoke with a Customer Service Rep. over the phone because I was a tad bit confused on the balance I had left to use.  I must say, this Rep. was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.  She was also very patient given the amount of questions I ended up throwing her way.  Personally, I have had nothing but a positive experience with Poland Spring Direct.  Would I recommend the Poland Spring Direct Home Delivery Service to you?  I absolutely would.  I think you’ll be very pleased with the service all the way around; however, if you find that you’re not – simply cancel the service.  There is no annual contract involved.

*Disclaimer – I am a Bzzagent and took part in a Bzz Campaign on behalf of Poland Spring Direct Home Delivery Service.  I was compensated in the form of free products to facilitate this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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