Feb 052013

You’re gonna eat out anyway.  You’re going to go shopping.  You use coupons.  You take advantage of sales.  Why not take advantage of what Plink has to offer?

Plink rewards you for dining or shopping offline.  Turn the rewards into gift cards or cash.  Use those coupons.  Take advantage of those sales but stretch your dollar even more with Plink added to the equation.

The site is safe – your information will be encrypted.  You don’t have to hand over your card number either, when attaching a debit or credit card to your Plink account.  You don’t forfeit other rewards you receive already on your assigned card – you’ll get rewarded twice.  What a way to put your money to work!

A few simple steps and you’re on your way to earning great rewards.

  • Simply join Plink – for FREE.
  • Attach a debit or credit card to you Plink account
  • Start earning rewards when you dine out or shop online at participating establishments (there are many).
  • Turn your points into gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Wal-Mart and more!

Have questions?  Read the FAQ’s to gather a better understanding how Plink works

Plink is a win-win situation.  It puts money back in your pocket for free. Join Plink

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