Apr 122012

Mother’s and Father’s Day often times brings about gift buying. Personally, I like giving perennials to my

mother because she really likes her little garden. Though, when I give to my in-laws on these occasions, I like to give them personalized photo gifts. These types of gifts go over real well with them; and I know that they’ll put them to use whether it’s a coffee mug, a shirt, or some other type of photo gift.  Usually I will include pictures of everyone in the family, including the grandchildren – all of them.

Shutterfly has some really neat gifts.  I’m really fond of the fleece photo blankets. Some day, I want one with my kid’s baby pictures on one (I just got to find where I put them when we moved 🙁 ).  I’m also loving the new mug you see to the right.  And – check out the new iPhone cases (below…right) they’re cool! There’s no digging in the purse when you want to show your loved ones off – all ya gotta do is bring out the phone.

Take a look at all the photo gift options Shutterfly has to offer:

Shutterfly can be found on FacebookTwitterPinterest.  Follow along with them to keep up on new products and special offers.


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