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The Perks of Renting Textbooks OR Renting Your Textbooks

You’re off to college and you’re finding the expenses i…
.nvolved being overwhelming. One thing that can be done to offset some of the cost is to rent textbooks. One can see savings from 40% – 90% off bookstore prices, which can amount to a big savings. One site that provides this service is CampusBookRentals.com. There are many perks of renting textbooks beyond the 40%-90% off the price of bookstore textbooks at CampusBookRentals.com:

  • Free shipping (both ways)
  • Flexible renting periods
  • One can highlight in the textbooks
  • 30-Day Risk Free Returns
  • And with each textbook rental – a donation is made to Operation Smile

CampusBookRentals has also started a new program. The program is RentBack. What this program is about is they will rent your book to another student – over and over again – paying you each time your book gets rented. This is very cool for those who buy their books or may have a book sitting on a shelf that is no longer needed.

Here’s how RentBack works:

Either way – one can’t go wrong with either program. One of my friends who just graduated from college told me the cost of some of her textbooks and I thought I was going to drop to the floor! I know for sure that my jaw did. I couldn’t believe how expensive college textbooks were.  I’m sure if she knew of the perks of renting textbooks – she would have.

Have you rented textbooks?  What has been your experience?

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  1. Renting text book is really economical rather than buying new books where you will only used once.

  2. I love this – I remember how expensive college textbooks were when I was in school. Something like this would have been a big help!

  3. As a college student I completely agree!

  4. My son has tried this numerous times. Just like with buying and selling used books it is kinda hit and miss. It can be VERY hard to find the textbook in the release that you need for a class. But when you do you save a lot of money.

  5. That just makes sense all around. Especially with the cost of everything going up and a lot of people aren’t getting raises. Thanks for posting.

  6. I wish they would have had something like this when I was in college!!

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